Chapter 4b - North by Northwest

"Racing!" he says, turning around to see where the others were. Seeing that they were way behind, he pulls on the reigns, slowing down to a stop, the now-lathered horses appreciating the respite.

"So... Were we that fast or are they that slow?"
he asks as he reaches for another hit of his holy water.

Aw shit! Who left him alone? Tamrik yells back at the others as he tries to catch up. He glances over to 0garak briefly as he passes, seeing murderous gleam in his eyes, that Tamrik has come to know well.

Seeing Raz stop, Tamrik wonders if that's a good thing. He slows his horse, and calls out to Garak. Garak, get on! If he takes off again, I need you to get into the wagon to stop him. Tamrik yells calmly, than thinks to simply add, Stop him as nicely as you know how! Tamrik knew Garak would know that he truly didn't care, he just didn't want Joachim going off on a tangent about proper ways to stop a runaway drunk.

Joachim sees Raz stop but keeps going. He overtakes Raz and Lorem's cart at a regular speed, not quiet as fast as Raz was moving but fast enough to have paced up a bit from the speed they were tucking on before. As he passes Raz he yells over to them. "Not so fast, but standing still wont make us get there any quicker ether... what are you waiting for?"

"Stop, Go, Stop, Go." the priest mutters.

"Make up your freakin mind!"
he says, taking another hit from his skin and covering it before snapping the reins, this time going at a respectable speed.

"Keep moving just don't press the horses or they'll get weary." Joachim jells over his shoulders to Raz. He had found the place where Raz
well tring to write myself out of this one
pulled over wide enough to move pass the other cart with his own. He definitely wanted to be the first in line if something occurred, besides he did not trust the priest driving somuch. He had known of accidents on steep roads because the driver had not been sober. Usually that kind of driving did not end well and he sure did not want to ride his horse, wagon, life and Lorem into death. Just to think what happened in Waterdeep the other day. Of course he only heard it from a overly talkative bard ...

Still thinking of tales like the one he recalled, he decided it best to be at top. At least this way Raz would be warned if there was a descend or if something came to which he might not be fast enough to react. He took a brief moment to look back to see if the others were following, then steadies his carts pace.

Raz and Lorem break out in a brief dash, then quickly pull aside when Joachim chases after them. Soon, all is calm again, and Tamrik is able to dust himself off after trailing the dusty carts. Meeting up with Garak just behind the stopped carts, the two talk "strategy"...

Meanwhile, Joachim stops ahead of the pack with his cart, turning his horse to look back at the others. Waiting for them to re-organize, the Paladin
You saw nothing as you passed the group, and nothing now. But with the noise from the carts diminished, your ears barely pick up the sound of...something, a group of somethings...far off in the distance.
keeps his eyes and ears open...

Uncomfortably alone now that the others are far behind Joachim can't stop the urge to ride back to meet them. Unfortunately he finds this to big an effort on the narrow road. Instead he gets of his cart previously pulling the brake so his horse would not suddenly ride off without him on the cart. One never could be to careful when driving... He walks to the rear of his cart looking back waving to the others. "WHAT IS HOLDING YOU GUYS?" he shouts at them in the distance hoping they might hear him. He tries narrows his eyes to see what they were doing and if everything was in order. He eventually waves with his arm at them urging them to move on already. His shiny armor, the sunlight being reflected as if in a mirror, stands out like a fallen star on the dusty ground. The paladin smiles still driven by the adrenaline rush of the ride up here.

Hop on Garak, let's catch up to the two fools and Lorem. Tamrik says jokingly. He knows trouble to be on the horizon, but knew which side he'd be on. Evewn though Joachim has been a friend to him during his time with the group, Garak has saved his life more then a couple times, and he had done the same for him.

"These guys will all die by their foolishness and lack of intellect." Garak grumbles the words at Tamrik, shakes his head at the offer for a ride, and thenwalks towards Raz's wagon with continued anger on his face and thoughts of death in his mind.

As he approached Raz, the assassin spoke. "You stupid piece of horse shit! Have you any sense whatsoever? First, these horses are not bred to run on rock. They are suited for desert travel. If they get injured, we lose our transportation. Further, these wagons can easily break on rocky ground like this. If they break, we lose our cover and our ability to haul back the women and our loot. If you knew anything about anything you might be useful, but instead you're simply a waste of space and a misfortunate nightmare for the whores you have to pay dearly for companionship." It was clear that he was talking to Raz and only to Raz. "Consider this your final warning with me. Next time, my blades will wear you as their scabbard."

Garak's words were not just angry...they were hateful. Raz had been the cause of many problems ever since his arrival. As an assassin, Garak had no room in his life for error. Thus, one way or another, he would see to it that Raz was eliminated soon.

Joachim, you just moved up a notch in my book, the assassin thought to himself. Now, if he could just figure out how to kill them both at once, then he would know true joy.

Garak knew that Raz would likely take his words as a challenge, so Garak continued to study his opponent, looking for an opening in the large man's armor. He stood there about thirty feet away, fully prepared for a battle should it come to that.

The priest stifles a laugh as Garak berates him, but he is somewhat unsuccessful. A smile comes across his face as Garak berates him, Raz thinking the man with his little sword quite funny.

"Why don't you put that plug back in your ass before things get messy."
he replies, taking another squirt from his bottle.

"And from the tone of your voice, I'm assuming that means your conceding the wager -- and that's fair enough. A drink for JoJo and I when we get to the next tavern, on you."
he says as he snaps the reigns once again, the cart lurching forward.


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