Chapter 4b - North by Northwest


While Tamrik and Joachim slowly move their carts forward, Lorem and Garak return to the intersection, signaling the others to come forward. As the carts' occupants each hop out in turn, Garak and Lorem relay the results of their scouting trip...

Raz snaps the reins, causing the wagon to lurch forward. As he does, he begins humming softly. He is exceptionally wary, a
bull strength, casting if it looks like they are supposed to move quietly
spell on his lips, which he casts at the first sign of concern from the faces of his comrades.

Garak holds up his hand for everybody to stop the wagons. He heads towards his horse and his pack on the animal. From within the pack, he pulls several separately wrapped items. He also carried a twelve foot long pole of very sturdy wood."Come, gather around."

The assassin then turns to face everybody. Where his head was previously covered in flame red hair, it was now black streaked with grey. The flesh of his face and body was grey as ash. His eyes had even changed, as they were black as night. Without the usual pigment of his eyes present, his look at each of the party members was somewhat unsettling. It was impossible to tell who he was looking at exactly or even what emotion he was feeling at the moment.

The assassin finally spoke when everybody had gathered around.

"I have something for each of you." Garak had his reasons for the speech, and despite his face and tone of voice being completely devoid of emotion, he was happy for the discomfort he was about to create.

"In town, I picked up a few items; things that I felt each of you could use in our travels. I think that my choices will be appropriate for you.

The assassin produces the first bundle and hands it to Lorem. "Lorem. You are an archer of considerable talent."

He then holds up a second package. "Joachim. Your wife, if we ever see her again, and if she even still lives always seemed to like playing in the dirt. This is for her." ~I hope she's laying face down in a field full of cow dung pierced by so many arrows that a horde of goblins would be entertained for hours trying to fill all the holes with their members.~ His true feelings for Joachim's wife were kept completely to himself.

A third package is then produced. "Raz. I think you might be useful as a priest...maybe..." The assassin pauses for a moment as he quickly considers at least two dozen ways to kill the large bastard right then. "I have several things for you that might actually make you useful to us."

He looks again to Joachim. "You have some healing powers, so your duty should not be on the front line of combat. However, you could prove useful in a fight if equipped properly." Garak gives him the final package along with the long pole.

"Tamrik. I have nothing for you other than my contempt. When we first arrived in town, you said something to me for which I may never forgive you. For that, you can fend for yourself you rotten bastard." For the first time in this speech, Garak's words are full of venom and hatred. He looked at the warrior for a moment and briefly looked like he was about to launch into an attack.

A few moments later, the hateful expression faded and he turned his focus back to the land around them.

He points in the direction of the goblins. "There are four goblins in that direction. They seem to be led by a hobgoblin. They have a make-shift camp established there, but it is not fortified. I can communicate with goblins, but think it's more fun to slaughter their pathetic hides. Directly across from this opening is a small indention in the wall where several humanoids appear to have been killed and disassembled. To the left is unexplored for now. I'm going to scout that way right now and will return with a report. I personally am not interested in getting caught in a two-front battle, and want to make sure we know what enemies are around us."

He clears his throat and smiles for a moment, knowing full well what he's about to say.

"Back to all your new possessions. The gifts are yours to enjoy. None of them are cursed, they are all very useful in their own way, and they are all magical. I know their full power, and will tell you each what your particular item or items do. But first, you have a choice to make. The items you hold now were gained through the cold-blooded murder of several people in the town we just left. I will not tell you who died or why they no longer are recognizable by their kin for that is my business. However, I will happily take anything back that you do not wish to keep should your particular morals get in the way."

With that, the assassin gives them a bow and turns to explore the passage to the left. "We can discuss this further when I return." Garak keeps to the shadows as much as possible. When he moves away from the others, he does so with
Move Silently:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 2 (Total = 23)
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+25
Original Dice: 1d20+25
Hide in Shadows:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 20 (Total = 45)
expert silence and stealth

He knew that the news he had just left with the group would make many of them exceptionally uncomfortable. It almost made him giggle uncontrollably, but nobody in the party saw the wicked smile on his face.

"Cold..." Before Lorem could have a chance to ask anything else, even if Garak told them precisely that he was not going to tell anything more. He stared at the armband in his hands and then narrowed his eyes. "He likes to mess with our heads, hn?" Morals... Yeah, right. The deed is already done, just the spoils remain. Lorem sighs heavily and decides to put on the golden armband, asking himself just what kind of magic it could contain. Before anyone else of his comrades could ask anything, he decided to intercede. "A little magic could be useful in battle. Morals, he said... When he already has committed the deed, it's not like we can do much about it." Right now it was just like he was wearing spoils from an enemy he himself had taken down. It was fine with him, since he didn't know why Garak had killed those men. But the rogue didn't want to relax and do something that he wouldn't like in front of him. He could become one of his newest targets.

Tamrik thought to himself calmly as to whether Garak was or was not totally bipolar, but decided that his open hatred towards him was for the best, since it would allow he and Joachim to work together when a fight started. Gee, I'm glad I spent the rest of my money on some items before we left town, I'd be screwed now. Tamrik's words were truthful, he did pick them up before he left town. The were intensely magical, and he hoped that he might be able to use them soon.

Some people would rather leave you to die, I guess. Not like you Joachim, huh? You're man's best friend. Very loyal to everybody around you. Tamrik clapped the man on the back, a clear sign of no hard feelings towards the man.

Oh, and Raz. I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. I know how much you've helped us, and I forgot that you are one of us, even if you eat as much as all of us combined. You're horse is beautiful, and you two are a match made in heaven, even if the horse is male. You two will find the bitches of your dreams someday. Tamrik followed through on what he had told Joachim, allowing a small amount of confusion into Joachim's mind. Joachim has seen clearly now, that Tamrik holds no favor with Garak, and that he is a man still of his word. Maybe Tamrik was more angry about the destruction of a business dealing, and not the fact that they may or may not have lied about the lack of money.

Tamrik slowly removes his cloak from his pack, as well as the bracers and gauntlets he had obtained. He slowly doned each and every item, taking care with each piece, wanting to relish the feeling of each piece against his body.

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