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Kali's Children

Kali's Children - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 6

System: Shadowrun 4th Anniversary Edition

GM: Me. Less experienced in SR than in other systems, but I've got my feet in the ground.

OOC Description: I don't want to give too much away, but: there will be lots of opportunities for combat, but also many for investigation. This is not going to be a magic, 'mancy, or hacking in terms of plot, but feel free to apply with those kinds of characters.

Creation: 400 BP standard, all books (including PDF only) available. Restricted Gear allows purchase of multiple units of consumables it's taken for. Advanced lifestyles are in effect; ask about other optional rules.

House Rules: I'm not 100% sure on all of them yet; I know that I WILL be rolling a lot of dice privately and for you for such things as perception and Judge Intent. For the sake of speeding up combat, I'll probably roll Reaction and/or Dodge for you in combat as well.

Accepting Until: I'm going to be going on a trip until July 20th. My internet access will be sporadic. I'll review and pick applicants on July 21st.

Game Description:

The year is 2071; the place, Seattle. Strange attacks have been occurring all around the city, leaving dozens dead -- including, invariably, the attackers. The bodies are horribly mutilated, usually by use of explosives, and no evidence has, besides methodology, linked any of the attacks yet.

Not that you care, you big, tough Runner, you. Until you get caught in one of them.

Anyway, this cake is great! It's so delicious and moist.
This sounds like an interesting game, but I don't have the anniversary edition. I have all the others, just not that specific book. Would that be a major problem?

No. There's a document on the official website that lists the changes between the two books.

Originally Posted by tsuyoshikentsu View Post
Creation: 400 BP standard, all books (including PDF only) available.
2nd time

I too have only the non-anniversary book. Beginning character creation NOW.
(i too will be gone 'til the 21st :P )

I only have the core rule book and have never played this system but if you don't have a problem with that I will get started on a magic user character. I will probably need some help when it comes time to make a character sheet.

Siiigh, as much as I loathe you Tsuyo, you seem like you need an experience Runner in this game. So, I'm in. Hugs and kisses! <3

I'm torn between concepts at the moment. Shadowrun is so much less chrome-friendly than 2020 after all . . I might do a Face or a Gun Fu :x

Edit: I've got a few designs for a safe haven, so if anyone wants to pool Nuyen for a shared Lifestyle, this could bode well yes? I assume that's alrightn with you, Tsuyo-man?

RA, I don't know what I did not make you hate me, but if it's in the rules, it's okay.

EDIT: Dragon, you're gonna have to make it a cyberarm if you want the STR bonus on unarmed attacks.


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