Mynd's Eye - Rerecruiting

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Mynd's Eye - Rerecruiting

Mynd's Eye - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 42

Mynd's Eye is rerecruiting, if you couldn't gleam that from the title.

Right then, down to business. Mynd's Eye, if you didn't see the original game ad, is a homebrew game made of my homebrew, your homebrew, and that shady guy down the street's homebrew. Err....maybe not his. If you show it, I will take it, unless I deem it broken (The old thread, located here, had several such instances)

GM/DM: Me, myself, and (possibly) I
Books Allowed: All. As long as you specify where the things came from. In rare cases, I will disallow things.

Stat Generation: 7m4d6v1 or 36 point buy. If you choose dice, you take the best 6 of the 7 rolls. You may only switch to 36 point if your bonuses are less than +4, or none are higher than 13. I will not accept rolls made in this thread. You will find the rolls thread here.
Level: 1
Hp: Max
Gold: 100
Traits: Up to two
Flaws: Up to one

There are not 42 spots. If you apply, you probably will be accepted, unless your spelling/use of the shift key/etc. is horrendous. I do not want to see posts in chatspeak or 1337speak, S.V.P.


Game Description:

A world where anything can happen. This fledgling world is not like those other worlds. It toes the line, steps over it, and does a damn pole vault over it too. Welcome, the land of homebrew awaits.

A mind wasted is a terrible thing - Mindflayer Proverb

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Originally Posted by Roi View Post
I don't have access to's a private thread.
It is? Whoops. I'll go change that now.

EDIT: There, should be fixed.

Right. So, the sublime way kensai is like a scout/ninja/monk/ToB class?

Sure, we'll go with that. Though you could just say it's a scout/ninja/swordsage.

The additions of everything seem to give it the whole overpowered thing. I assume it is meant to be a tactical melee figure. Or is it a charger?

Description: Jaccob stands just under 6ft tall. His is stronger than average but not exceptionally so. He wears Studded leather armour which he rearly removes and carries a spear, crossbow and a wooden shield stained with Heironeous's Holy
Personality: While many would doubt it Joccob does have a sense of humor. He tends to be very serous especially on the battle field with a liking for military discipline and if there is not someone giving orders on a clearly defined plan he has a tendency to start giving orders. While he tends to spend more time fighting evil directly he recognises the importance of helping people in other ways.

M'kay random. Send an app request over, but don't expect to start until I've okayed 3-4 people. Once I've got them, you're free to team up or split up as you like.

It's meant to represent a guy who's really, really good with his sword. Think Iron Heart fluff.

Ideas to tone it down:
  • Add Wis bonus to ki pool, but make it per day instead of per encounter
  • Make Signature Strike use ki points
  • Remove Signature Mastery ability (bonus against disarm, sunder attacks, bonus on disarm & trip attempts)

Already implemented:
  • 3/4 BAB
  • Enhancement bonus to attack/damage
  • Remove silver, cold iron, multi-damage and lawful Signature Strike abilities
  • Remove skirmish
  • Drop evasion
  • Dropped ki pool to 1 + 1/3 level
  • Extra cost to use a magic weapon
  • Make it a 3/4 initiator class, somehow

I don't follow your 3/4 initator class, but I agree with your removals.
If you would preform all of those - the manuver-related things are optional -, and tone the AC bonus down to a maximum of +5 at 20th level, and give me the class with the code so I could put it in the 'classes' area, I'll accept it.

Hit Die: d10

Disciplines: The disciplines available to kensai are Dancing Leaf, Diamond Mind, Iron Heart, Setting Sun, Tiger Claw, and any one other

Recovery: A maneuver becomes available for reuse after a number of rounds have passed equal to 1 + its maneuver level.

By using his ki-augmented abilities to dodge and parry, a kensai gains a +2 bonus to AC at first level. The bonus then improves by +1 at third level and every three levels therafter. He may also add his Wisdom bonus to his Armor Class.

Pretty much all the Ki abilities; except for Parry, Dodge, Attack, and Opportunity.
These stood out to me as overpowered. You can hybridize classes together, but when the hybrid is better than the original it's not a good sign. The AC bonus seems particularly unfair, it allows the class to keep pace with more traditional "tank" classes without sacrificing mobility.

Ki powers need some sort of level gradient, a full-round tag on Recharge, and Maximize reconsidered. As it is, this class can "smite" nearly as hard as a paladin without being limited by alignment or per day usage.

Signature Weapon: A kensai learns to focus his energies to strike effectively with his chosen weapon. At 1st level, a kensai must choose one weapon to be his signature weapon.
A kensai gains a +1 enhancement bonus to hit with their chosen weapon. This bonus improves by 1 every 3 levels that the kensai attains above first (4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th).
Is vague about just how you'd go about replacing said signature weapon and outpaces the ability of the actual Kensai PrC.

Skirmish: Whenever a kensai of 12th level or higher moves at least 10 feet in a round, he gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC. This bonus increases by 1 every two levels thereafter, and does not apply if the kensai is wearing armor or carrying a heavy load.
Feels like a second thought just shoehorned in.


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