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July's theme, panic room and more!

July's theme, panic room and more!

So, here it is, July again. I assume we can use the theme of your past as the theme for this month, since there were few objections (no nays, two yeas).

Anything you want, as long as it happened/almost happened/you saw it happen/you made it happen - that sort of thing. You can change the names if you're squeamish, even your own. You can write about what it did to affect you, or what it would have done to affect everyone if it did happen.

It's pretty much a catch-all, but to those who have a little trouble getting started with an idea, it will give you something to go on.

I almost hung myself - very close to not being here. These words would be just ........................................ - nothing much there. Cool. I may treat it as a 'what would have happened to my family' thing.

We'll use this thread as a progress and a panic room. Let's try this - any panic, go advanced and type in red.

JULY Progress Reports

Let me know here how you're doing in July and I'll keep tabs here!

July Challenge Progress - WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED...

3,000 word challenge and out for publishing:

5,000 words:

Most honorable mention:

No ideas yet. Surely something worth writing about happened in my life . . .

Mo - Here's where I'm going with this one - I was a darned good baseball player in High School - not quite good enough to try out for a farm team or anything, but what if that one time, I knocked it all over the place when we had a scout in the stands? It surely would have changed everything - including keeping me from a student deferment in 1969 - you can see where I'm going from there. It won't be really dark, a little melancholy, perchance.

Not going anywhere with this one yet. Maybe because, darn, I'm still young! :o

Meanwhile, though, I've launched into something entirely different: rewriting one of my old DnD games. You guys noticed how I always go on other projects than what's here? Yeah.. I'm like that! Still, I'm 8,000 words in, so at least I'm writing!

Annalia - writing is what's important anyway!

Me, I'm working on another IOLS story, which involves something that happened to me. Yesterday.

Sitting in an airport. What if....what if....well. Too many what-ifs, and if I write them here I won't put them in the story. So you get NOTHING. But I am writing! /glee

I think I'm gonna share "The Story" with you all. It's already written and is "a piece of complete fiction"

*cough choke hack*

Anyways, I'll post it in the prompt er something.

Gah. Got part of the way through it, didn't like it, scrapped the whole thing. Panic is starting over, with no idea what to write, staring at a screen, on July 15th! HALFWAY OVER!!! EEEEEEK!

Halfway? Woot! I was under the impression it was far deeper into it than that! Still nothing done on the challenge, but I've got about 14.5k on my pet project, which I like more and more (too bad it can't be published).

Great theme. I'll be interested in seeing what everyone is writing. If anyone wants a reading buddy or alpha tester please let me know.


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