The Hidden Coast - Looking for more players!

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The Hidden Coast - Looking for more players!

The Hidden Coast - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

The Hidden Coast was a game I started a while back mostly for the purpose of me gaining some exp as a PBP DM. I'm mostly just running prepublished adventures, modified to suit my whims. The game started off with the player characters meeting in a dungeon in the middle of a storm and they were supposed to go on many adventures together.

Unfortunately, the game dragged and they're just now out of the dungeon, headed for town. Of the 4 original players, only 1 still remains active in the game. He and another player that joined later are looking for more people to adventure with! That's where you come in!

What I am looking for: 2 to 3 more players to join up with the group as they head into the nearby settlement on their way to the east across the desert.

Dedicated rogue or spellcaster types are encouraged, as the party doesn't really have either. But what I'm really looking for is players that are a) able to post regularly, and b) able to communicate with me if something comes up, if they have an issue with something in the game, or with me, etc.

Character creation:

Sources: Mostly core only, but also open to most things found on (If you're not sure, ask!)
Level: 1
Hit Points: Max at first level
Gold: 100 gp
Races: Generally no monstrous races, unless you really have to play one. Use your own judgement.
Alignment: If you have to ask, "should I play this character?" then you probably shouldn't!
Stats: 30 point buy.

Also, be sure to add a little bit about personality, background, etc. I want a specific goal or two for each character to include in the game.

I'm really not sure what else to say, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Game Description:

Far to the west, across the Dry Sea, lies "civilization," the Western Kingdoms; a land of constant warring and strife. Over the years, many have braved the journey to the east to begin life anew in the Hidden Coast. The Hidden Coast - a land covered in fog and long shrouded in mystery. Sheltered from the western kingdoms by the hostile Dry Sea and the imposing peaks of the Windswept Mountains, the Hidden Coast is land said to be untamed and uncivilized. To the south lie the jungles and secluded city states of the Three Seas. To the north, tale has been spread far and wide of a harsh and inhospitable land at the peak of the world and the wild barbarians who live there.

But the Hidden Coast is not so different from other places. Here, farmers and villagers live out their lives in small, isolated towns and communities. Merchants travel the roads, rivers, and coasts, ever wary of bandits, pirates, and monsters.

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Hmm.. since some games have recently died on me and others are running along as swiftly as a snail, I would like to apply for this game. Now I am usually partial to fighter types but.. ah.. maybe it is time for something ... cowardly?

There, that is what I came up with. A nice guy to play. Wouldn't be of any use in a dungeon though. Jack doesn't do traps.

Kind of amusing, Lycar

I think that's enough applications for now. I'll consider anything that gets posted in the next few hours or so, but I think it's time to start making decisions. I'd like to thank everyone who voiced interest in the game I'll try to get back to you soon.

Great. In case you were wondering, I'm still interested.

I think that the edits to my sheet that I made were enough, let me know if I'm incorrect.

Originally Posted by bluedolphin359 View Post
Great. In case you were wondering, I'm still interested.

I think that the edits to my sheet that I made were enough, let me know if I'm incorrect.

Originally Posted by bluedolphin359 View Post
great. In case you were wondering, i'm still interested.

i think that the edits to my sheet that i made were enough, let me know if i'm incorrect.

Okay, looks like everyone I've sent invites out to has responded... Thanks again, everybody. If you didn't make it, sorry. I can't invite everyone to play, it'd get too crazy But maybe you'll have better luck next time


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