Flames of Initiation - 4th Edition LFR Introductory Campaign

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Flames of Initiation - 4th Edition LFR Introductory Campaign

Living Forgotten Realms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Adventure Background
During the last century, as a result of its neutral policy towards immigrants, creeds, and even ethics, Baldur’s Gate has grown to become the most populated city in Faerūn.

In order to survive its weight, the city depends on a force that managed to grow side by side with it, the Flaming Fist -- today, one of the largest and most powerful mercenary companies in the Realms.

To successfully maintain the peace both inside and outside the city walls, the Fist has honed its skills and become both shepherd and adjudicator. Its authority rises above the city’s militia. The Fist performs those tasks where subtlety or a more firm hand is necessary. They deal with crises of all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple crime upheavals to insurrections that could lead to civil war.

Like Baldur’s Gate itself, the needs of the Fist are vast, and they are always on the lookout for adventurers to join their ranks or assist on temporary assignments.

You have heard much about Baldur’s Gate, but now, as you approach the city, you find that there are no words to describe it.

Passing through the Heartlands, you thought you had reached the city many miles ago, when the first signs of civilization appeared along the Chionthar. Since then, you’ve crossed a dozen neighborhoods and vast farmland fields, just to arrive at the Black Dragon Gate, where the slums grow upward to such an extent that you are not able to see the city walls.

Poverty and misery are predominant in the slums. The neighborhoods and shantytowns represent a hodge-podge of styles and cultures, brought to the Gate by refugees from all over Toril. The smell is nearly unbearable.

The maze-like streets and alleys of Baldur’s Gate could confound even the most experienced of travelers, but there are beggars and urchins aplenty who can guide visitors for a coin or two. The city’s open market is packed with sights, sounds, and smells from all over the world. You also pass through the temple district, where the city’s tolerance of all faiths is made clear, as temples to deities both malefic and benign stand side by side.

Far above the squalor, you catch a glimpse of the ostentatious stairways and mansions of the high city before continuing on your way to the Flaming Fist Headquarters, where, you have been told, employment is sure to be found.

Applications will be open for two weeks, closing on Saturday, July 18, at midnight EDT.
I will never close an application early, so take your time and think about a character that will be fun for you to play and the players around you to play with.
This should also give you plenty of time to obtain a DCI number if you need to do so.

Current Applicants/InterestLeader
Fodder - Human Protector Shaman
awesomologist - Eladrin Battlesmith Artificer
longtimeteenager - Changeling Devoted Cleric

Quilox - Half-Elf Valorous Bard
w00f - Human Stalker Shaman

Erico - Human Great Weapon Fighter
Son of Meepo - Shadar-Kai Ensnaring Swordmage
Phoenyx - Human Earth Warden
daffinthehead - Warforged Earth Warden

Lord of Dice - Human Control Wizard (incomplete)
Lodwilk - Human Staff Wizard
Grisha - Longtooth Shifter Primal Guardian Druid

Grymmheart - Changeling Illusionist Wizard/Bard

Striker (melee)
Cyco - Razorclaw Shifter Centered Breath Monk
Joseph Blackly - Minotaur Rageblood Barbarian
FreeRange - Human Swashbuckler Rogue

Striker (ranged)
Orrin - Half-Elf Vestige Pact Warlock
Wyrm - Genasi Storm Sorcerer
GrumpyDM - Dwarf Ranger (incomplete)
No One - Drow Sniper Rogue
Glyph - Drow Two-Blade Ranger (incomplete)


Game Description:

The Campaign
This is part of an RPGA-sanctioned Living Forgotten Realms Campaign, one that I hope will grow into an an adventuring company of several parties running simultaneous adventures, whose members may even decide to join other groups within the setting, true to the feel of the "living" campaign.

You will create characters that grow and persist through each adventure, and who may be freely used in any other RPGA event, retaining the experience and rewards your PC receives for those other adventures (but not, of course, in the middle of an ongoing adventure), which is what having a "living" character is all about. Conversely, if you already have a Living Forgotten Realms character from another group or event, feel free to bring them into this campaign, keeping in mind of course that members of a party need to be at the same level.

Of course, you may not have desire or opportunity to take your character from this campaign to any other, which is perfectly fine as well. The campaign will flow from each adventure to the next, taking with it the characters you will be bringing to life.

The Players
I will start with one party of 4-6 characters. You will create a character according to the RPGA/LFR creation rules, which are rather broad but with a few limitations, as noted below. I expect decent activity from players, with one post per weekday (M-F) and one post per weekend at minumum.
In addition to the normal forum membership, in order to play LFR each player will need to have a DCI membership number from WotC. This does not require a DDI subscription or any other purchase; it's free, but does require you to sign up for it. See "No DCI Number?" below for more information if you do not have one.

I would like applications in the following form:

ApplicationName: Character Name
Gender: Male/Female
Race: Character Race
Class: Character class and build
Region: FR background region
DCI#: RPGA/DCI number

I will be paying most attention to character appearance and personality, things that will affect the way your character acts during the campaign. A good background story is nice, but rather than a ten-page biography, focus on the aspects of your background that describe what made your character who they are now.

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Been interested in trying out RPGA for a while and now have a shiny new RPGA number #7214031441. I've had a character idea I wanted to try out since the monk playtest came out so going to give it a shot here.

ApplicationName: Stormson
Gender: Male
Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Class: Centered Breath Monk

Like wise, I've been wanting to try out the RPGA living games. I have a shiny old number #71769375. I have a character that I tried to use in a game since dead. I just need to reset him back to before the game started and what not.
ApplicationName: Marwon
Gender: Male
Class: Genasi Sorcerer

I'm interested as well. I still have to get a RPGA number, though; in the process of doing it.

I'll come up with a character later. (:

Posting an intress as well. Also in the process of getting a DCI membership. Still can't make up my mind between druid, sorcerer and shaman... will wait to see how the other aplications go first.

DCI #: 24471282

I've never done a sanctioned D&D Game, but something tells me it'd be some terrific fun! I'm rolling up a human Greatsword wielding fighter for you, a Dalesman by the name of Allan Torlayne (Battledale specific). I'll have the stats up tomorrow.


I call dibs on the barstard sword weilding human shaman! DCI number is in process. I'll work on appearence and such later.

this looks really cool. it'd be nice if we could get these running regularly. Not that I could do much than play for a while but still.

In summary: I'm tired and working on my submission to this awesome looking game. Thanks.

So, people have had success in signing up for an RPGA number through that link? Whenever I try to actually load the CustServ page, it endlessly refreshes instead of loading, and this is with multiple browsers.

Did some strange things just now but after a half dozen tries it seems to be working again in Firefox. Worked perfectly fine a day ago though even then it wasn't that easy to navigate around. Once you have a wizards account and are logged in that second link should take you directly to an email form for requesting a membership number.


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