Pain Pride and Prejudice - re-recruiting.

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Pain Pride and Prejudice - re-recruiting.

Pain and Prejudice - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 2

Looking for a few more players to join an existing game: Pain, Pride, and Prejudice.

Current level: 4
Stats: 6m4d6v1 - reroll anything below a 10
Gold: Standard DMG for 4th level
Classes: SRD and Complete guides. (No exceptions)
Races: SRD races approved. Any others are allowed w/ approval. LA buyoff is allowed.

Due to summer vacations and other real life issues, have had people drop out, and go on haitus. Looking for new, active, players to pick up where the previous members left off.

The pace has been fairly steady, and the game is centered more on roleplaying than rollplaying. Combat has happened, but it's not frequent. Character development is key to this game! Those of you who want a Smash and Grab game will be dissapointed, but those of you who want an in depth character will enjoy it.

Summary so far:

The world is chaotic, and very prejudice towards the races. Dwarves, Elves, Humans, and what have been labeled beastmen, have moved to different area's of Alaria. Dwarves have taken refuge in the western mountains, elves have secluded themselves in the eastern forests. Human's have claimed the lush and fertile plains in the south, and beastmen were forced to inhabit the barren northlands.

Only one nation, Cisera, has remained neutral in this situation. It accepts any race from any part of the world, without prejudice.

The group has resided in a small country-side city named Rawee. Rawee resides in the southlands, and is currently being used as an outpost for the war between the humans and dwarves.

During an annual celebration, the town was attacked. Vile little creatures with sharp teeth, claws, and spines on their bodies, that poisoned their victims. The army that was stationed in Rawee was nowhere to be found. The city elders believed that they were in the fields to the north, practicing battle formations, and military tactics, but that was unconfirmed. They were unable to protect the city.

However, thanks to our adventurers, the town was protected with minimal negative effects. A few people were poisoned, but noone died. During the confusion of the attack, the townspeople realized that a child was missing. With no military anywhere in sight, the town could not hope to begin a search party, as well as defend the town from another attack. So the adventurer's offered to find the child. They packed up and left into the woods, in search of the children.

They located the children in an ancient temple within the forest, and also located those responsible for the attack and kidnappings. The villianous duo made their escape through a portal, leaving the cursed children to die. After saving the children, with the help of a hermit druid named Cubb, and an ancient and mysterious high priest named Raja, the adventurer's planned their return trip back home, to Rawee.

They returned home to find their precious home's ablaze... A unknown flash of light, in the middle of the night, caused a fire that threatened the lives of all the people who called Rawee home...

(This is where the game stands at this time, the adventurer's have returned, and put the fire out before the entire town was destroyed)

Characters so far:

? Pnooma, an air-goblin warlock.
? Tilia, a gnome druid.
* Jean, a human cleric/wizard who is training to be a theurge.
* Samaran, an elf rogue.
* Morgacht, a lizardfolk barbarian.
(X) Hondo, a human warrior cleric.
(X) James, a human paladin judge.

? is posting infrequently, on haitus or unsure.
* posts frequently.
(X) has left game.

Game Description:

In a world filled with fear, and bereft of any semblance of peace; racial enmity and prejudice is all you've ever known.

In this land, hope is a dying light, and its rays are reaching far less people every day.

Looking for 4-6 players.
We're only looking for serious role players.
There will be combat, but optimization should be low. Don't outshine the present characters.
Characters are presently 6th level. Normal wealth by level. Max HP.
Any alignment is fine, inter-party conflicts are fine, but characters that do nothing but disrupt the game will be kicked out - this includes good characters too.

Cats land on their feet. Toast lands jellyside down. A cat glued to some jelly toast will hover in quantum indecision. I will be gone from September 17th to the 19th.

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Creating new characters entirely.

The current character list was just to give a rough idea how the roster looks.

I'm thinking of making a human or half elven ranger, and will get application in asap. Do you also want us to follow up with a character sheet now?

You don't necessarily need your sheet yet, but a reason why your in Rawee and a brief backround will be acceptable. Once accepted, I'll give ya a few days for sheet.

If you want to finish sheet tho, feel free. It can and will make things alot easier.

I've been reading that start of the game to get a feel for you and the other players style. It looks very good. Give me a few days and I'll have everything for you including the sheet. By the way I left my DMG at our RL game and wont be able to get it till Saturday, so what is the starting gold for 4th level?

Also, do we get the one ability point at 4th level, and how do you want us to handle deities? How do you want me to handle the Animal companion?

Right then. Some games I was in died off or look decidedly comatose.

So I'll just declare interest (as I did in some other games but I don't know if I get chosen, so...)

I was thinking of some fighter-type... maybe the cliche 'mercenary with a soft spot' ...

Ok, stats first:

Nice, 17,16,14,13,12,10. So, SRD is game, yes? So is the Thug (variant Fighter) then...

Yes, imagine an armoury riding in on a light horse. The armoury is carried by a guy in a chain shirt who offers his services in all things martial for a nomial fee...

Ranged support, mounted scouting, close-combat support, front-line fighting, you name it, Bren Blackshield can do it all, yessir (and his Bluff skill helps too ), just sign here, thankyouverymuch, that will be 2 silvers in advance please. Eh? You just signed the contract, didn't you? Sez I get 2 silvers up front right there... Yes, thank you Sir, 'pleasure doin' buisiness with ya. So where is the trouble that needs shooting then?

EDIT: Er... so, should we make a lv. 3 or 4 character then?
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

Kelton Morgost
Race/sex: Human Male
Class: 4th Level Ranger

I re-did the 6 and rolled a 12.
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

[dice=Potentialy a Nature-Lock!?!]6m4d6v1[/dice][Dice=Rerolling the low]3m4d6v1[/dice]

Hrmmm Perhaps a Kobold Warlock Druid going for the Eldrich Theurge??

Aso was thinking of a Psi race if psi is in... Soulknifery, but usualy thats ignored in the srd ^_~
No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks

If there's still a place open, I'll throw you a curveball of a character... Just need some stats.

Borghorst Darksoul
Race/sex: Gnoll Male
Class: 1st Level Hexblade

No dice rolling in the ad forum thanks


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