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Sculpting a miniature

It looks like it's coming out very well. Just a suggestion for materials, sculpy! It's an artificial clay that handles well, once baked can be sanded, polished or painted. My only advise is get a toaster oven to bake it in because otherwise you'll have to clean your oven.
Why do you have to clean your oven? I use Sculpey often, and I never notice a mess. Is there some other reason? D= I'm scared to use my oven now.

Sculpey is a polymer clay, so it contains PVC and phthalates. There's health risks associated with the exposure, you can find lots of info online. I was making a Munny figure for Christmas and ended up going down that wormhole when I was considering modifying it with polymer clay. Gloves, mask and a separate oven are a good idea if you use it often.

Nice stuff. Some glossy paint for the axe will the rest of the statute stand out.

Almost there...

just a finishing touch needed

EDIT: while I was at it, I updated all the links for the pictures. My student account somehow expired during the course of this project...

Oh, hey, I remember this. Good to see you're still working on it.

Very nice! I like the way it turned out. The half-dragon loxo barbarian concept is awesome anyway, and the execution of the mini is excellent.

Painting Finished!

Alright, this is it then. Like I said a couple of years ago: I tend to finish my projects eventually. I did paint a bit quicker because I didn't want to spend another three years on it. Perhaps the axe could have looked a bit sharper...

Anyway, here it is:

That's one mighty impressive mini, Bbender!


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