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Sculpting a miniature

I'll admit, when I saw your earlier effort, I wasn't expecting much. Better than what I might do, sure, but still fairly crude. However, this is coming along really nicely. I like the detail you've put into it. I can't wait to see what it looks like when you get to the painting stage.

It looks like it's coming out very well. Just a suggestion for materials, sculpy! It's an artificial clay that handles well, once baked can be sanded, polished or painted. My only advise is get a toaster oven to bake it in because otherwise you'll have to clean your oven.

Professional sculpters, model/doll makers have been using it for more than 20 years.

Yep - been making miniatures from Sculpey for many years, baked in the toaster oven. They come out pretty well most of the time, but not nearly as nice as this. And the downside is they are fairly fragile. I superglue most of them back together after someone (usually me) drops them. Still, it's a good material that I'd vouch for.

Thanks for the tip. It looks a lot like Fimo, which
hooray for google and wikipedia!
apparently is its main competitor, and I think more common in Belgium (Europe?). I have some packages of that which I found in a yard sale, but haven't used them yet. I used it a long time ago in secondary school. I'll probably try it for the next project, so I'll be able to compare.

I also bought some Green Stuff from Module Workshop, which is what the guys there use themselves to make their miniatures, but it's a lot more expensive than just about anything else.

Nocturnal: you should show off some of your work then

Hey, this is going along well! I'm impressed. I've considered starting up some scultping, myself.

I'm eager to see your final product!

Sure! I've attached pictures of...

A black knight with a stand,
and a worm from Worms, which I made someone as a gift.

My best was a reclining Bengal tiger but I gave it away as a birthday present and forgot to take any pictures of it.

All of these are just posed and baked Sculpey: no metal cores to hold them up, no paint or polish or anything like that. They deform a bit when heated: the knight especially suffered from that. A professional job should probably work out better. Fimo is just about the same, I suppose.
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That's pretty cool! Did you mix those colours yourself? The slumping when heated is an annoyance I still remember, but from your pictures I would guess that it was worse for the fimo I used.

Anyway, nearly two months after starting, I finally finished my Half-Dragon Loxo Barbarian! The sculpting part at least, painting is for later. It's not perfect, in fact, it's nothing like professional miniatures, but it is about as good as I could have hoped to accomplish myself. Here's a picture. Animated GIF coming up, but I didn't have enough time right now.

That's pretty freakin' cool for a hand-made job. I know I'd be running from that thing

Well done, mate. As for professional miniatures, I've seen some for sale that were nowhere near as good as this. You're right, you're not going to go and take out the crown for Worlds Greatest Miniature Maker Feller Evar(tm), but credit where credit's due.

It looks a bit... like he's falling backwards. That may just be the angle of the shot - I suspect it may be. I await sideshots.

As for painting, get hold of a decent photo editing program, and 'paint' over a picture. You can check colour schemes without actually risking stuffing up the beastie.


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