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Sculpting a miniature

While I've got a thread anyway: here's my progress on some goblins (actually, they're kobolds from my old Heroquest box)

(The one I did earlier, but I didn't wash the release agent off before I started and didn't apply finish, so the paint is coming off, and I didn't drybrush its clothes and boots)

I think that painting job looks great! I don't know why you are nervous about painting the other one.

Well, probably because that first goblin's paint is falling off. That's the sort of thing I'd want to avoid when painting a unique miniature I'd worked so hard on, personally. I imagine once he knows he's got a technique that'll look good and stay on, he'll move to the next.

The actual paint job itself does look fairly good, and the goblins coming up are looking nice. Hopefully the technique will pay off, and you can move onto Loxo the Mighty soon.

Jep, that's right. I wanted to try some new techniques (and my new brush). I'm not really afraid the paint is going to fall off the Loxo, because it should stick better to the clay than to the plastic.

I have to try some blending techniques first too, because the half-dragon needs some dirty yellow to blue blending and also more levels of shading, because it's bigger. The goblins are too small for much blending. The paint will be easier to apply on the larger surfaces, though. I might try to paint the spider I did for fun, to try some blending.

I also want to check how the metallic paint turns out.

What sort of paint are using? Because normal miniature paint shouldn't be cracking like that. Oh, and great work on the model.

It's not really miniature paint. It's some kind of very cheap water based paint, and I'm not really sure what the English term is. Gouache is what wikipedia comes up with if I enter the Dutch "plakkaatverf".

It's not cracking that is the problem, but rather excessive wear when handling in play and transporting (the paint came off at the outer corners, such as tip of nose, elbows, knees, axe point). I hope to avoid that problem by covering the paint with transparent sealing spray.

I hope to avoid that problem by covering the paint with transparent sealing spray.
That's what I do with my tokens. I use acrylic craft paint and seal it with spray polyurethane. Now, they withstand lots of handling, dropping... I think my little boy has even chewed on one... No paint flakes yet!

Wow, that's great protection. I hope mine is as good. It doesn't say what material it is, but the shop I bought it in usually sells quality material.

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