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Sculpting a miniature

Awesome job Bbender! Loved the details and all the work involved!

Here are the finished goblins. I'm quite pleased with the result

And a few in detail, after I coated them for protection:

To build more confidence, especially with the silver paint, I started on a chaos warrior (also from the Heroquest game).

Those are really very professional-looking!

Thanks for all the praise.

I'm itching to continue, but I could use couple of timestops right now...

Bbender thats great work! I must add to your praise, I have been a wargamer and modeler for many years now and have always wondered about making my own fantasy figurines. I build mostly war vehicles from scratch (Navy ships,tanks,starships ect). I really liked the spider you made. Any how don't want to babble would love to see more of your progress!!

Amazing job on your home made miniature. I had no idea people made their own. I have to admit also, that I thought your project was going to look bad from your 1st project. I'm glad I decided to continue reading. Thanks for the entertainment.

I just followed your link in your sig to this thread, and I must say I've enjoyed it. It's very cool to see the build process from start to finish as well as the extra work on the goblins.

I'm only writing to tell you that your work was/is really great, and don't stop now! Paint that baby and get it up here! It is quite clear that you know what you're doing. All of the goblins as well as the Chaos Warrior look great. I think that jumping back into your draco-barbarian for the final touches would only do you and your work good at this point.

If you were looking for that extra push to finish, here it is: Your sculpture is worthy of a strong finish. You, sir, have the skills to finish it properly.

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