Rogues Gallery - Metahuman Criminal Game

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Rogues Gallery - Metahuman Criminal Game

Rogues Gallery - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 5


Welcome to those who were part of the first application thread which seemingly took a wrong turn at Pismo Beach and landed up somewhere in East Tumbleweeds. For those of you who were not part of that first thread but are interested, welcome!

Rogues Gallery is a 2nd Edition Mutants and Masterminds game set in an alternate universe loosely based off of the City of Heroes/Villains MMO by NCSoft. The game starts in Blackstone Federal Prison just off the coast of Freedom City. There is a break-in at the prison by a force from Arachnos, the major evil organization present in the MMO. Once over to the other dimension, you try to develop your own criminal empire... in a world where crime is allowed... within reason.

Game Information

I am looking for 5 players for this game. Each character will be a criminal who was incarcerated in Blackstone Prison for crimes that they have committed. I MAY allow a hero to be swept up in this if I get a really good reason why they would be in Blackstone (hero gone bad, etc.).

Here are some guidelines for concepts:

1 - Characters need to be between 16 and 25. No aliens, no characters from other dimensions, alternate timelines etc.

2 - All characters need to be beginning criminals. What I mean by beginning criminals is that a character should not have a list of crimes that would make Charles Manson blush. Same thing with Terminus or Mastermind. I'm looking at characters in the style of The Contenders and The Thieves Guild (from Freedom's Most Wanted), Larceny Inc or the Psions from Freedom City 2nd Edition.

3 - All powers while in Blackstone will be Nullified or if your powers are done by a Device (Battlesuit for example), you will not have it. You will be able to regain your device during the Breakout however.

Character Generation Rules/House Rules

Here are the rules for the game:

1: Power Level is 8 with 120 points.

2: Trade-offs are allowed, no more than +5/-5.

3: No Power can cost more than 16 PP total (2 x PL). This includes Extras and Flaws but not Feats.

4: Alternate Powers can only be used for like effects. In other words, if you have a main power that is an attack power, you can only have AP that are attack powers off of it. If it is a General Power, you are free to AP off of it any way you want (Magnetic Control for example).

5: Only rules and options found in the main rulebook are allowed. No Ultimate Power etc. This includes variable power structures and Null arrays. I want to KISS (Keep it simple stupid) for this game.

Dossier Guidelines

All characters should be written up in the following way.

Real Name and Code Name
Date and Place of Birth
Blood Type
Crimes Committed
Physical Description (Photo is welcome but make sure you can describe your character in words)
Background (As much as you want, but remember no older than 25).
Motivations/Plot Ideas (Whatever doesn't fit above should go here. Give me tidbits on the character, why I should take it, whatever you desire).

I would like to see characters in text stat blocks instead of the M&M sheet on the site. This is a preference for me. Just follow the normal sheet, just put it in the post.

Closing Date on the game is July 26th at Midnight (applications will be no longer accepted after the 26th). I will choose the 5 and we will go from there.

Thanks for the interest and questions, comments, etc. can go here or through PM!

Game Description:

It began with a guilty verdict.

The crime does not matter. The time going to be served does not matter. What does matter is that you find yourself in Blackstone Federal Prison, the largest metahuman prison in the world. Day after day without access to your ability, plotting and planning various ways to strike back at those who had put you here.

But when your chance finally came, a group from an entirely alternate universe offers you a chance to make your own way in the world.

How far will you take that chance?

Welcome to Rogues Gallery.

Welcome to the start of something new.

Real Name: Daniel Forrester
Code Name: Belial
Date of Birth: June 6, 1990
Place of Birth: Northside Hospital, Macon, Georgia,
Blood Type: O+
Crimes Committed: 1 count of 1st degree murder

Wait... so is this the same game then and something happened to the prior application thread? Gotcha... my submission was definitely NOT what you were looking for, lol. I'll throw down something more appropriate here.

WiP, mechanics done, fluff and layout tomorrow... tired now...

Name: Susan Rojek (alias: Hysteria)
Date and Place of Birth: November 14, 1986, Seattle
Blood Type: B positive
Crimes Committed: Theft, extortion, homicide

Further detailsPhysical Description: Small and agile, with black hair and deep purple eyes.

Background: Hysteria first came to the attention of the law two years ago, when she was caught using her powers to sow chaos so she could slip into a government office -- not to steal anything, but to destroy their recordsQuestioning and research revealed that she received her powers from a literal deal with the devil -- or at least with a powerful supernatural being. In exchange for the powers, she had agreed to use them to ruin as many lives as possible -- not necessarily kill, but spread confusion, suffering, and despair.

She was able to escape prison without much trouble, since the authorities were not prepared for her powers, but she was recently arrested again after causing a string of suicides among a company's board of directors. This time, with her powers nullified, she was sent to a more secure prison....

Personality: Chilly and distant, with a pleasure in manipulation for its own sake, and a perverse streak that leads her to cause disruptions for no reason other than amusement.

Motivations/Plot Ideas: Susan's motivation in making her deal with the demon was to escape her boring, soul-crushing former life. It's possible that the demon might show up with some further requirements for her...

The numbers part:

Sheet(0) Str 10
(6) Dex 16
(4) Con 14
(6) Int 16
(8) Wis 18
(10) Cha 20

Attributes total: 34

(14) Attack +7
(8) Defense +4

(3) Toughness +5
(3) Fort +5
(4) Ref +7
(5) Will +9

Combat total: 37

(11) Skills: Bluff 8, Concentration 8, Diplomacy 6, Intimidate 6, Sense Motive 6, Stealth 4, Notice 4

(5) Feats: Attractive, Distract (Bluff), Fascinate (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate)


(8) Emotion Control 8
Flaw: Sense-dependent (eye contact)
(8) Confuse 8
(15) Illusion 5 (all senses)
Flaw: Phantasms
(2) Shield 4
Flaw: Only versus attacks from creatures with Int 1 or higher

Powers total: 33

Okay... all three of these characters have potential and look to be able to work within the guidelines of what I have and what I'm looking for the game.


And two of us got our powers from making deals with the devil...

Satan's Army go!

I think I might make a sort of very little power/no power Batman-esque type character with lots of combat feats but little in the way of being "superhuman". I thought about giving him Mimic, with only being able to mimic skills or feats, but I'd want to make it perception-range and the cost is too high for the limits you set. Instead, I'll just make him like Deathstroke, in that he uses more of his brain capacity than normal humans, which gives him superhuman reflexes and the mind of a tactical genius.

EDIT: Found great pictures from Marofa at ZBrushCentral. He's going to be wearing a body-armor suit for Toughness save purposes, since he's still mostly human.

Deathstroke is a good character for this type of game. The limits are in place so that I can get a handle on some of the concepts out there. M&M is the most flexible game I've come across over the years. Problem is that when you start throwing lots and lots of flexibility at players, they usually take it too far. Hence the limits for now.

Real Name: Edwin Gray (No Code Name as of yet)
Date and Place of Birth: April 17, 1987; Seattle, Washington
Blood Type: A+
Crimes Committed: 3 counts of 1st degree murder
Physical Description: Edwin is still fairly young, only being 23 years old. He would be somewhat handsome, were it not for a tendency to scowl. His eyes are pale green, and typically appear filled with contempt, when he even bothers to meet the eyes of another. His hair is dark brown, and he keeps it short, neat, and off his face. His build is reasonably average, if rather more fit then the usual; he weighs in at 157 lbs and is 5'7" tall.
As far as clothing goes, he tends towards casual attire, with a preference for black. He doesn't at all dress in an extreme fashion, and doesn't feel the need to wear any fantastic costumes. He's unlikely to stand out in a crowd.


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