Star Wars ; The Old Republic: Threat of Peace

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Star Wars ; The Old Republic: Threat of Peace

The Old Republic: Threat of Peace - Forum
Star Wars - Old Republic Era
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Star Wars, The Old Republic: Threat of Peace
"The Great Galactic War dragged on for decades. Thousands of Jedi and Sith were slain. Countless star systems were ravaged."
― Jedi Master Gnost-Dural

Nearly a thousand years before Revan, Malak, Exar-Kun and Uliq Qel-Droma, the Sith empire waged war against the empire in the Great Hyperspace Wars. Lead by some of the greatest Sith Lords, such as Naga Sadow and Gav Daragon, the Republic was perhaps facing its final hours. If not for heroes, and the sacrifices of a few brave men and women, then the Republic would have fallen.

But defeat was not all encompassing. The Sith retreated into space, their empire growing ever stronger as the Republic faced the remnants of their initial invasion. It would not be until three hundred years after the Jedi Civil War that the Sith would again appear, descending upon the empire with a ferocity unseen for thousands of years. The war would claim billions across countless planets.

Yet, the most unlikely of things would happen. Peace. The treaty of Coruscant, signed after the occupation of Coruscant by the sith, brought a shaky alliance between the two factions. For the moment, the Sith emperor seem sated with his gains, moving to consolidate power as the empire scrambled to recover from their considerable loses.

The Jedi order would reel from the destruction and death on Coruscant. Many masters had fallen defending the temple, but to no avail, the structure left in rubble as the Sith retreated from the planet after the signing of the treaty. With the Republic in pieces, the senators blaming the order for much, forcing the Jedi to leave the ruins for the time being, retreating back to the solace of the Jedi temple on Tython.


"Thus began the unprecedented stalemate. The Jedi reconnecting with their roots, the Republic nursing its wounds, the Sith consolidating their power in a galaxy divided between darkness and light."

Jedi Master Gnost-Dural

Each side of this conflict is now silently probing each others, seeking a weakness in the others armor. With the re-surfacing of the Mandalorians, ever the rival for the Jedi, and the withdrawal of the order, things are indeed grim for the Republic. For now, the War is one of proxy and stealth.

The Republic has begun searching all options, expending all resources on finding some way to defeat the Sith in the Great War many foresee looming in the future. And so you have been gathered, some working for the greater good, some seeking to line their pockets, and others merely following orders. A small station near the border between the two empires has gone silent, on the planet of Tepasi.




Notes about me as a DM and the game

If you haven’t figured it out, or aren’t familiar with the MMO market, the setting is in fact the one being used for Biowares upcoming MMO, Star Wars : The Old Republic. However, there isn’t a ton of info out yet about the setting or the games history, so things may have to be ret-conned in game. If say someone is alive, then Bioware says later he/she died, we may have to roll with things.

Now, I love detail, and I love stories. I tend to think of most situations and parties in terms of a movie. This means combat should be fast, and often very cinematic, especially in PbP. If it isn’t, it can bog games down and kill the mood of a game. As such, at times I will bend some rules, and even break a few, but never will I penalize you the player in doing so. My intent is to speed things along, and make it as exciting and epic as possible for you players.

Now, this may seem like a lot to take in, since I know it was a lot to type. But if you need help understanding anything, working through a character concept, or even just picking a name. Ask, and I will do my best to answer your question, as I am sure the other SW fans on the site will.



- Edit 1 - Tentative Application Deadline of Monday the 27th.

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Just a friendly note; you might want to put some of your add in spoiler tags. It will make it more manageable; easier to read and to find information in.

I am very interested, and will be developing a Jedi concept.

Can anyone provide the code for rolling 4d6, drop lowest, re-roll 1's?

Edit: Would you be okay with Miraluka, Falleen, or Codru-Ji? Admittedly, my source is old, its not saga material, but I have seen people playing Miraluka in Saga; have no clue about the other two races. If you are fine by them, can I get info on where to find their saga statistics? My source is Ultimate Alien Anthology, by the way.

Falleen are in Scum and Villainy, and have the following stats

-2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma
Medium Size
Speed = 6 squares
Hold Breath - Falleen can hold their breath 25 times their constitution
Pheromones - They can basically excrete a poison that moves people 1 step down the condition track, if you beat their Fort Defense
They also have a +5 defense bonus against other Falleen pheromones

Codru-Ji are in the Legacy book, and have the following stats
No ability modifiers
Medium Size
Speed= 6 squares
Bonus Feat - They gain Dual Weapon Mastery as a bonus feat
They have two extra arms, and as such can hold extra items, and get a +5 bonus on grappling from these arms.

I am ok with you playing them all, Including Miraluka.

Since you did not post the Miraluka stats, I assume they are the same as they are in Anthology? I was leaning towards a Miraluka, but I want to be sure of their stats first. Being a Codru-Ji would be very fun to Role Play however...

Ah, I wasn't aware you needed them. Here they are, Saga Rule-set

- 2 Dex, +2 Int
Medium Size
Speed = 6 Squares
Force Sight - As you would expect. They can see through the force, being blind. They act normally, however, being able to perceive most everything mechanics wise normally. You get a few bonuses, IE being able to make special perception checks.
-Conditional Bonus Feat- If you have Use the force as a skill, you get Force training as a bonus feat.

Thank you for the stats. Now I can choose and get this ball rolling.

Hope the post is more manageable, I spoiler tagged the timeline and character creation rules.

Oh, that is so much better. -nods and smiles- I don't particularly care for the way this new version of the MW repeats the post, practically over a second time. Its redundant and a waste of space. It makes spoilers almost a must have in some cases. Thanks for doing that, I am sure others will be happy as well.

I am very intrested and have started making a character. Do you mind if other force traditions are used (not sith)?


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