These Hallowed Halls - 4e LFR Adventure

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These Hallowed Halls - 4e LFR Adventure

Living Forgotten Realms - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e - Forgotten Realms 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Adventure Background
Many years ago the powers that be in Underhome built a series of temple-forges dedicated to Moradin. One of these forges, named Lodestone Deep, was dedicated to exploring the great power of the elements. Due to the hazardous nature of these extra-planar energies, Lodestone Deep was located on the periphery of dwarven territory.

The smith-priests of Lodestone were on the verge of unlocking revolutionary methods of fusing elemental energies to enhance armor and weapons when the Spellplague struck. The Weave’s destruction and the opening of the Elemental Chaos unleashed waves of elemental fire and savage planar creatures upon the smith-priests of Lodestone, consuming them. The forge’s great vault, however, remained intact. The knowledge of the smiths remained safe within, lost in the depths of the Underdark. The subsequent sacking of Underhome ensured that the secret location of Lodestone Deep remained just that.

The sounds of commerce are ringing throughout Eartheart today! Industrious dwarves are busy working the bounty of the treacherous Underdark. The city of Delzimmer, with her masses of refugees and bustling port, is hungry for raw materials. Caravans depart daily to feed her, braving highwaymen, rabid gnolls, and worse. Caravan guards are in high demand!

Teamsters ply the taverns and feasthalls of Eartheart daily, trolling for capable souls willing to brave the trip. The pay is generous, but the work is either monotonous or tremendously deadly -- with no way to know ahead of time which is which. Surely there must be other ways to earn good coin and find a bit of excitement.

Rumors circulating through the Glittering Xorn Tavern might suggest a suitable option. Several bills were posted early this morning by a mercantile interest called Crafty Kobold Salvage. It would seem they are trying to form an expedition to brave the wilds of the Underdark on some sort of special recovery operation.

Interested parties are asked to seek their establishment in the warehouse district. Pay is said to be first rate and time is of the essence.

What more could any adventurer ask for?

Applications will be open until Monday, July 27, closing at midnight EDT.
I will never close an application early, so take your time and think about a character that will be fun for you to play and the players around you to play with.
This should also give you time to obtain a DCI number if you need to do so.

Current Applicants/InterestLeader
Fodder - Taros Kwame, Human Protecting Shaman

Phoenyx - Jakob Mrakson, Human Earth Warden
FreeRange - Garel Steelfist, Genasi Battlerager Fighter
Grymmheart - Grymm "Fellhammer" Ironforge, Dwarf Ardent Paladin
daffyinthehead - Plank, Warforged Earth Warden

GrumpyDM - Magda Deepwinter, Dwarf Preserving Invoker (incomplete)
Lodwilk - Arthur Herringson, Human Staff Wizard
DanteSol - Erevan, Eladrin Control Wizard

Striker (melee)
Hyregoth - Shaena, Halfling Artful Dodger Rogue
Stiverton - Sekhmet aka "Nifty", Tiefling Trickster Rogue
JosephBlackly - Rassam, Minotaur Rageblood Barbarian
maniki - Ashamar of the Ardent Moon, Razorclaw Shifter Pursuing Avenger

Striker (ranged)
Wyrm - Marwon, Genasi Storm Sorcerer
No One - Dhartin, Drow Sniper Rogue
Grisha - Xune, Drow Dark Pact Warlock
Thayal - Tox, Changeling Deceptive Warlock


Game Description:

The Campaign
This is part of an RPGA-sanctioned Living Forgotten Realms Campaign, one that I hope will grow into an an adventuring company of several parties running simultaneous adventures, whose members may even decide to join other groups within the setting, true to the feel of the "living" campaign.

You will create characters that grow and persist through each adventure, and who may be freely used in any other RPGA event, retaining the experience and rewards your PC receives for those other adventures (but not, of course, in the middle of an ongoing adventure), which is what having a "living" character is all about. Conversely, if you already have a Living Forgotten Realms character from another group or event, feel free to bring them into this campaign, keeping in mind of course that members of a party need to be at the same level.

Of course, you may not have desire or opportunity to take your character from this campaign to any other, which is perfectly fine as well. The campaign will flow from each adventure to the next, taking with it the characters you will be bringing to life.

The Players
I will start with one party of 4-6 characters. You will create a character according to the RPGA/LFR creation rules, which are rather broad but with a few limitations, as noted below. I expect decent activity from players, with one post per weekday (M-F) and one post per weekend at minumum.
In addition to the normal forum membership, in order to play LFR each player will need to have a DCI membership number from WotC. This does not require a DDI subscription or any other purchase; it's free, but does require you to sign up for it. See "No DCI Number?" below for more information if you do not have one.

I would like applications in the following form:

ApplicationName: Character Name
Gender: Male/Female
Race: Character Race
Class: Character class and build
Region: FR background region
DCI#: RPGA/DCI number

I will be paying most attention to character appearance and personality, things that will affect the way your character acts during the campaign. A good background story is nice, but rather than a ten-page biography, focus on the aspects of your background that describe what made your character who they are now.

Attached Images
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ApplicationName: Jakob Marakson
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Earth Warden
Region: Waterdeep
DCI: 7208336025

hmm.. are you ok with people applying with the same character to both games? or should we choose?

Originally Posted by maniki View Post
hmm.. are you ok with people applying with the same character to both games? or should we choose?
I kind of stuck it on the end of the thread that is now closed, but yes, you can apply the same character to both games if you wish.

In that case.. I present my much used Human Shaman! Again. I'll only have time for the one game though. So if i get accepted into both games I'll have to withdraw. Ect Ect.

Name - Taros Kwame
Gender - Male
Race - Human
Class - Protecting Spirit Shaman
Region - Calimshan
DCI# - 7214031826

Because I really want to play. Was a left over from the flames of initiation, will alter background accordingly.#71769375.
ApplicationName: Marwon
Gender: Male
Class: Genasi Sorcerer
Background Region: Calimshan

Edit: Updating application:

Name: Ashamar of the Ardent Moon
Gender: Male
Race: Razorclaw Shifter
Class : Avenger of Selune
Region: Calimshan
DCI#: 7214032251

Interested! Will be applying the same character to Barrow of the Ogre King, but this is the adventure I'd prefer for her, given her background.

Name - Magda Deepwinter
Gender - Female
Race - Dwarf
Class - Preserving Invoker
Region - Narfell
DCI# - 6210137142

Hrm, I'm more intrested in the Barrow of the Ogre King, but I may throw my hat into this one as well.

Name: Garel Steelfist
Gender: Male
Race: Earthsoul Genasi
Class: Battlerager Fighter
Region: Akanűl
RPGA#: 1210-171-167


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