Down Once More

The party cautiously moves through the corridors and chambers, wary of any sight or sound that might reveal a threat or indicate their presence has been discovered. Fortunately, the entire northeast part of the mine is empty, and you are able to quickly return to the entry room and begin the trek down the main corridor.

Layna keeps a steady pace, occasionally pausing to cock her head to the side, as you move past the storage room into the southern reaches of the first level. The kobold tracks came from the north and are conspicuously absent as you sweep through the remaining rooms--leaving the scorpions be. Something has consumed the corpses of the defeated hobgoblins, but whatever it was didn't leave any distinguishing tracks.

After satisfying yourselves that you are indeed alone on the level, you proceed up the north passage, collecting the few remaining caltrops that Sikhandyn had scattered (three of them, each very close to the wall), and gather in the empty room near the ramp (#8) to consider the next level. All in all, the past twenty minutes were remarkably easy.

Wyngrad's eyes had adjusted to the darkness as well as possible for a human by this time. He was wary not to make any unnecessary noise, such as his shield scraping against the mine wall, and the such.

Breathing a sigh of relief when reaching the empty room, he patted his hip. When shall we drink potions?, he wondered. He didn't bother asking. He trusted his companions that they had figured out every factor of this attack. He'd simply follow their lead.


"I guess we're getting close. Karn?" Blake recites a mystic formula and touches the monk. Karn is encased in tessellated polygons which glow along their edges and then fade away. "It's protection, not invulnerability. You still need to dodge."

He takes two scrolls from his pack and slips them beside the sunrod. His belt is beginning to sag on that side.

Mage Armor: +4 Armor bonus to AC for 3 hours.

Scrolls are Enlarge Person and Bull's Strength.

Astaban breathes a sigh of relief at finding the first level deserted.

As the group goes into the room, Astaban
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 16)
casts his eyes down the hall and
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 4 (Total = 12)
listens for any sign of life.

Once inside the room, Astaban asks Layna, "Is it time to take the potions?"

Karn watches as Blake casts his spell.
"Hey, nice", he says handing his jug to Blake for a drink, "Thanks. And don't worry. I've learned that no matter how good you are, you're never perfect and dodging is one thing I'm pretty good at."

When Blake is done with the jug, Karn takes a big swallow himself. and holds it out, "Anyone else want a taste before we go on down?"

I've added the Mage Armor to Karn's sheet

Layna shakes her head in response to Karn and then turns to look at Astaban, "We may as well," she says.

"So how do we want to do this," Layna asks as sheathes her swords and she shrugs off her pack. She quickly pulls out the scroll tube and the map of the lower level, as well as the two potions given to her by the quartermaster.

"I don't think we should leave anything living behind us when we go to face the dragon. Which certainly means taking on the kobolds first," she states with little emotion evident in her face or voice. "We didn't explore the eastern section of the mine, but there were no tracks leading to or from those eastern portions, so I'd guess that whatever, if anything, that lives over there keeps to itself and would pose no threat to us. Do we want to explore the eastern portion of the mine," Layna asks as she pushes some stray whisps of hair from her face.

"My thought would be to go into the manager's room (10) just at the base of the ramp. From there we can see if there are any tracks along that northern passage. If not, I'd just as soon move onto the kobolds (8) through the southern of the two western doors," she says, the tone of her voice indicating that this is what she anticipates. After a few moments of silence she continues. "If there are tracks, I suppose we'll have to head after them, to be safe. "

Astaban thinks about it for a moment, then nods his head in agreement. "I think that is wise, not to leave anything living that may divert our attention from the dragon. That means we take care of everything else down there first, starting with the kobolds."

He pauses for a second, then continues, "Unfortunately, I think this means we probably should at least look to see if there has been any activity in the eastern side of the mine since we were last there. If not, we move on."

Yes, I agree. No kobolds behind us. That'd keep us safe. Wyngrad tensed up as he said the indirectly threatening words. He was imagining slicing open kobolds as he spoke.

"Well, none of us have ever been to that eastern portion of the mine," Layna says, brushing a stray lock of hair back form her face and tucking it behind her ear."but when Methuselah and I found the manager's office, there were no signs of anything coming or going that eastern portion."

"I have no problem heading over there, out of an abundance of caution. It should be a quick sweep," she says. "If everyone is in agreement with this, let's sweep that eastern portion before engaging the kobolds, which will likely draw the dragon's attention."

Karn shrugs, "Makes sense. Just remember - plans rarely survive contact with the enemy. Let's keep our eyes open and work together."


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