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August's Theme Idea (and vote)

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Would you like to do 21 days of writing exercises?
Yes! Sign me up! 10 76.92%
No way! Give me a theme like usual! 3 23.08%

Welcome back Yitan (and you, too, Wonder Woman)!

This sounds like a great idea. I'm all for it, since I got nowhere with this months' challenge.

We could offer the option of a free write for anyone who doesn't feel like doing the exercises.

Originally Posted by Wonder Woman View Post
Stackpole's Star Wars novels aren't fanfic. They are part of the franchise. Fanfic can't be sold for money without copyright infringement. He does real Star Wars books, authorized by the franchise.
Yes that is what I meant. Thanks for the correction.

Kanavel is baiting me with the cat comment.
I have no idea what you are talking about.


We're also going to do a free write, so people who write a short story can still get credit in the Hall of Fame.

Usually we have a theme for the short stories, but this month it will be any short story. I'll try to get rules posted tonight.

And yes, I'm still locked out of the house. My mom came over and was able to talk my daughter off the porch, and we walked over to her house.

By the way, the Acer mini has a 5 hour battery life, weighs only two pounds, and will fit in a large purse.

Okay, I am closing this thread and will archive it as soon as the first exercise is up.


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