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On The High Seas -- Hearts of Oak

The High Seas - Forum
7th Sea
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Due to player attrition, our game, The High Seas, is seeking new characters. The story is based extremely loosely on the "Bloody Jack", "Horatio Hornblower" and "Jack Aubrey" stories and focuses on the adventures of the members of a ship's crew who are often overlooked: the youngsters who fought alongside men and officers ... and whose names rarely appear in the pages of history in any other way than as single entries on lists of crewmen. They were important, even so, and in this game, they will be the stars of the story. The characters are all young men and boys who are (or will soon become) members of the crew of HMS Rose, a fictional sixth rate frigate in His Majesty's Royal Navy.

I am looking for up to two new faces to add to the cast. Both characters will be young men between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. One will be a member of the ship's crew, but his relationship with the ship's boys who are the current PC's will begin when he enters the game IC. The other? Well, the ship is currently at sea, and England's stand on impressment was that sailors from any captured ship could be taken on as crew, so that's an option, too. Or .... If you pitch me something believable, creativity will get you everywhere. I'm open to suggestions on that one. Initially, I had thought against a stowaway, but a really, really good story might even change my mind on that.

The system is technically 7th Sea with some house rules, and the world is ours during the Napoleonic Era. You don't need to be familiar with the system; it's fairly simple and I can walk you through it if you need help.

The game is here: http://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=12703. Feel free to have a look around.

If you are interested, post here with a brief description of your young man (in private text if necessary). Please only post interest if you are a reliable, at least 4X weekly poster, have a firm grasp of writing conventions, and are enough of a man-jack to do your duty for King and Country!

Game Description:

The year is 1803 and Britain and France are at an uneasy peace. Word has passed throughout London, though, that war is again looming on the horizon. The shipyards at Woolwich and Deptford swarm with workers, and ships are being repaired, refitted, and turned out like there is no tomorrow.

HMS Rose has recently put out to sea, and aboard her, in addition to a full complement of men and marines are a handful of ship's boys who are quickly learning what it is like to be a member of His Majesty's Navy. The Rose is not without her thorns, though, it seems -- and a ship's boy's life is far from an easy one ....

Status Update: Back to school, and horses move home this weekend. Things should begin to resemble my normal ridiculous schedule shortly.
It occurs to me that I failed to mention one item of importance. When considering your character idea, please keep in mind that the other PC's are mere ship's boys. None of them are older than fifteen, they've had limited life experiences and are only just gaining their skills as sailors. While your character might be a tad older, probably has more ranks in sailorly knacks, and/or may have even seen a place or two, please keep in mind that I'm looking for characters of the same general ilk as the extant characters. This story is about the group of boys on the ship, not about Horatio Hornblower or Captain Jack! (Aubrey that is, not Sparrow -- although the game isn't about HIM either! Although ... a young Will Turner might ALMOST fit the bill, I suppose, if you must....)

Can we submit multiple ideas?

EDIT: Also, what are the house rules? I can't find them anywhere on the site.

Just wanted to say: I'm going through the Hornblower series for the first time right now, and would REALLY love to get in a game based on 'em!

Multiple character pitches is a good approach. I'll tell you which ones I like. BTW, I also have a midshipman NPC who is about to be introduced who could easily become a PC for the right player. If you are interested in him, let me know and I'll tell you what little there is about him. You could make up the rest.

Keep in mind that the plot will revolve around the going's on aboard ship, so when creating a character, have in mind interesting things that will apply to the story. Solid backgrounds are good, but they must be pertinent ....

Thanks for the bump.

There hasn't been much more action, so we'll just plod along as we are until (if) the right player/character comes along. The game continues apace, regardless, and since I know it's a rather tiny niche I'm trying to fill, I'm willing to just be patient and see if a good fit turns up.

There's a lot there in the game forum to absorb. Can you give a summary to get people up to speed a bit more quickly?

Questions in particular:
+ Which of the characters are still being played?
+ Would any of the former players be willing to have someone take over their established character?
+ Where is the ship at present? Does the new world / carribean play a significant role in the game?
+ Does the game include "weirdness" and the supernatural? Usable by PCs, or only NPCs?

Art, Jake, and Jules are still in and active. You are welcome to Korey's character, although he's been re-cast twice now, so if anyone is interested in taking him, I really hope they are serious about seeing it through. Nathaniel is retired for good. The ship is just off the coast of England, headed for the channel and eventually the Caribbean. The setting will be mostly peripheral since ship's boys are not exactly heroic characters. There is a chance, however, that it may take a bigger part, depending on what actions the boys decide to take between now and then. Weirdness is out. While I'm using the 7th Sea system, it is a game based on real world history, and thus, no magic, etc.

I can give a summary of the game this evening when I'm home from work, but for now, the boys are just getting used to shipboard life, they've come to the conclusion that the captain is a madman, and they've just met the schoolmaster. They've been at sea approximately a day and a half or so.

This looks great! I admit, it's kind of a relief to see the format and everyone's posting skills ahead of time. I really like 7th Sea's system, and have a great deal of morbid curiosity about that era of sailing. I'm not familiar with the specific stories you mentioned, but I think on my feet well enough, and I'm always willing to read a good story.

I should be ready with a concept by the end of the day, but I do have one question: for the new characters, what should their rank on the ship be? Are they just older ship's boys?

The new character would either be the youngest of the midshipman (if you have enough nautical knowledge or can fake it well enough to back it up) or a young, fairly inexperienced sailor -- probably an utter landsman, or a waister at best -- who will happen to be on the same watch as the boys.

I've also rethought my position on stowaways, and if you can come up with a good pitch with a boy who'd fit in with these guys, it would kind of be fun to go that route. I have some rather evil ideas for how to torture my current players with that. If you are interested in this angle, PM me. I don't want them to know anything about it if they happen to take a peek at happenings in this thread. Ssshhhhh!

@ Pyske: do you still need a more detailed summary, or is the above enough?


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