Missions from the Guild

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Missions from the Guild

Missions From the Guild - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 2

[An Introduction]
Hello all, this game is mostly inspired by pictures found on deviantart.com. I've now officially set the application close date at this coming Sunday, so please have your submissions finished by then!

[Game Master(s)]
Me, Lilbabe808. Don't worry, I may be fairly new here but I've run a pbp game before.

[Game Explanation]
You will be part of a very prestigious guild that only allows the best in. The game will basically be missions from the guild with down-time in between missions for personal projects.

The game starts with you arriving at the grand ball to accept your invitation to join the guild.

I will expect 1 post every 1-2 days at the least. And please roleplay in your posts. I want thoughts, actions, etc from your character, this is a roleplaying game after all.

[Character Creation]
You will be starting at level 10 with 47,000 xp with 2,000 extra for magic items. Those who do not use it get to keep it.
Please no homebrew or anything not in the books listed below as I will not allow it.
Roll 6m4d6v1r1 for stats, if your modifiers are less than +7 then you may reroll.
Max HP at first level and roll all others, reroll the 1's.
You can have 1 trait but no flaws.
You can play anything with a LA +5 or lower that has a "[monster] as Characters" section. No LA buy-off but you will get HD and base saves as I think its quite crappy to have such a high level and very little hp and save mods. If you do choose a creature with LA, please ask in the game forum about it so that I may tell you what to do there.
I'm using the standard pantheon of gods but you may worship another god if you provide good enough reason. (If you do, please tell me which book its from)
Standard gold for Level 10.

House Rules: 1. No penalties for multiclassing to xp and all classes may multiclass freely (within reason).
2. There are some Prestige Classes that I may not allow so please ask about what your thinking of going into first so you know.
3. You can use Racial classes, the Sub-races, and Bloodlines from UA.
4. Clerics automatically get proficiency with their deities weapon.
5. Animal companions can be any animal one size smaller-bigger than your character with up to 3HD (if not using alternate higher level ones) and familiars must be at least one size smaller than your character with up to 1HD
6. Each region gets its own special attributes, so you'll have to choose what region you are from. More information can be found HERE including what your bonuses will be.

[Application Process]
There are currently 2 spots open BUT if this generates a lot of applications then I may accept up to 6 depending on my future schedule. Please apply with another person and collaberate with them as you will be partners. If you don't, then you can wait for other applicants and see if they'd be interested in partnering with you.

Please post applications here and roll HERE for stats.

Please include the following:
Include how you became partners with whoever it is you're partners with.
I would prefer that the background be at least 2 paragraphs long, enough so that I know why the guild would want to invite you into its ranks. I like pictures, so I highly suggest going over to deviantart.com to get some inspiration but include the artists username under the picture to give proper credit if you do use it.

Game Description:

You and your partner have long awaited this grand invitation to become a part of the most prestigious guild any adventurer could be a part of, "The Puzzle Hunters Guild." Even though the name seems odd, you know that only the best of the best ever get invited to become members. You and your partner hastily unroll the golden parchment and read it.

"Dear [insert your characters names here],
I would like to congratulate you on proving to be most heroic and surviving all the perils and evil that you may have faced. As you know, The Puzzle Hunters Guild only invites those who have proved themselves against the odds and that we only accept partners. The two of you have indeed done this and so we would like you both to come to our grand ball that we hold at the end of every month to accept your membership in our guild.

It is in the city of Harraz at the guild hall of course. You are not to bring guests as only guild members may walk into our sacred halls. Please dress in your finest as there may be some nobles there to congratulate you for your efforts in destroying evil. Last month we had Queen Ariana of the West Region come. There are tickets inside of the envelope with your names on it. You are to present it at the entrance, after which you will be announced properly.

In case you do not know what our guild stands for and does, I shall inform you. The Puzzle Hunters Guild accepts only highly dangerous and highly mysterious jobs from the public at our many consulting agencies. As a Puzzle Hunter member, your job is to find out (if not already known) what is going on and handle the situation accordingly. Our previous employs have done jobs such as destroy a great wyrm red dragon who had tried to take out every single creature within its mountain range and destroying a massive cult within the bowels of the city Wrin.

I shall see you at the grand ball.

Nervia Cornall, Head of The Puzzle Hunters Guild.

~ I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts... ~

Posting Rate: Slow (1-3/week)

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interested but have a question
would it be jsut the two of us going out to each quest or would we get some other guild mebers to join us?
and i would be looking for a partner if any one is interested, i would decide my class and stff depending on yours.

Lyzette Ebonflame, Eldritch Maiden

Name: Lyzette Ebonflame
Race: Xeph
Age: 21
Class: Warlock
Alignment: CG
Region: West
Description: Here
Lyzette is ambitious, confident and outgoing. She can be selfish and enjoys the good life: exquisite food, expensive drink, fashionable clothing, pampering servants and hard-bodied men. There is an undeniable kind streak about her though. Often she finds that just when something she's sought is within her grasp, she'll abandon it to help the small town mayor whose daughter has been kidnapped by ogres. She is also somewhat of a show off, reveling in her powers and what they can do to others. If she can save the daughter and gain reputation in the process, so much the better! Though she doesn't often show it, she loves her brother and would do anything for him. She secretly fears for his future having stupidly cast his lot with hers, recklessly volunteering to share her power and thus her fate. Lyzette doesn't know the source of her power; early in her adventuring career, she tried to research it, but gave up, partially because it was difficult to find any reliable information but mostly because, in truth, she is very afraid of what she might find. Accordingly, she lives her life to the fullest every day for she fears that whomever or whatever has granted her her abilities might someday come asking for recompense.
Background: "I think it was around age 13 when I began to really realize that I was different. I mean, I had always known that my eyes were a very different color than everyone else's - adults were always telling me what a striking color they were and how exotic they looked, the other kids either called me cutsie rude names like 'purple peepers' or 'glow eyes' or they just stared or ignored me. I...didn't really get along with the other kids, y'know? And I didn't have many friends my age. But I always had my brother. He was always around and I mean, always. Got annoying but I knew that whenever I felt lonely I only had to look around and there'd be Reaghar, a goofy grin ready. Yea, Reaghar.... So it was at age 15 that I killed somebody. Most people believe it was an accident but really the only thing accidental about it was the way it happened. Truth is, I really wanted Kodar dead. He- he was hurting me, taking advantage of me. He was dirty, mean but too strong and he- he hurt me. So I wanted to hurt him too. I balled up all that hurt and desire to hurt in my head until it was a great ball of purple flame, blinding me from inside. It burned in there, it burned...and I let it go. A crooked flash of power shook me, blasting from me and it burned Kodar. I remember the shock in his eyes, so close to mine, reflecting and glowing with the profane force that was killing him, then they emptied, went blank and he was dead. I was never really able to that again - focus the power that much but I knew from then on I was a danger to those around me, so I withdrew while I tried to understand what was happening to me. I finally decided that I had to leave. After the incident with Kodar, people were afraid of me or just outwardly hostile. I understood why, but it hurt just the same. So I left. I was 17. I needed to find myself, find a place where people weren't afraid of me, find a reason to do what I could do. I know it's not a good answer to every problem, but I became an adventurer. Took jobs here and there that I was suited to handle and soon I became pretty good at what I was doing. Sure I was doing it for money, but it also felt good to help people who needed help. And even though I was helping people and making money, I still felt loneliness and sometimes despair. I wanted to go back home; you know, I actually missed Reaghar's grin! But then he showed up; came looking for me, I guess and found me. He's been around ever since. He's still annoying - he's my kid brother, he'll always be annoying - but for reasons I can't explain, I need him around. And we work together pretty well. He really is a sight to behold! I just hope.... Well, I just don't want him to suffer for me, that's all."

Lyzette's kid brother, Raeghar..

slaybelz if you need a partner I could be it, I have a tiefling I wanted to use for a while.
Edit: Oh and it appears that Salient needs one too, you know what why not you two just band together and I'll look for one

Im willing to be with either one of you so, you can argue it amongst yourselves or who ever i start working with first i like to get things done sonner rather than later

Saylent Green - How does a xeph hexblade brother sound as a backstop for your warlock? PM me if you've got notions on history and we'll work something out.

well since Irving is interested in Salient Green, slaybellz you wanna be my partner, I have an idea for a Tiefling Rogue/Assassin/Shadow Dancer, I'll have more posted if you show interest.

Originally Posted by Irving View Post
Saylent Green - How does a xeph hexblade brother sound as a backstop for your warlock? PM me if you've got notions on history and we'll work something out.
PM in the, um, mail!

consider intrest shown question is would you like a tank, a caster, or somthing else
but yeah mabey we should start pming for sake of forum space


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