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Monthly Challenge suggestion box

Monthly Challenge suggestion box

If you have ideas for a monthly challenge, please post them here. Feedback is always appreciated, too!

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
Specifications: The room may be of any size up to 25 5'x5' squares, and may contain (or summon) no more than 2 creatures.
just to clarify, what is the trap/CR limit etc? So we don't go throwing in really high level monsters and such

Specified a CR8 challenge maximum for the room as a whole. Could be 4 CR4 obstacles, for example, or 1 CR8.

Make a monster!

A monster of your own making, by following the 'create a monster' in the back of mm1

Create an encounter set in the forest which places the players against a flighty creature/NPC which they must hunt.

Create the standard badass red dragon lair.

Create a triangle of power.

For example:
Mayor vs. Merchant's Guild vs. Resident Mage
Aboleth vs. Triton King vs. Local Pirates

While the October Challenge was a good idea (and I certainly enjoyed it) I think it may have been a little overwhelming. It asked for 6 NPCs, a town (however small) and all that comes with it (reactions of NPCs, entrance, etc.), and 3 plot hooks (or 1 plot hook and 2 "points of intrigue"). While the September Challenge came with similar requirements, they seemed to flow more naturally from the Henchperson and also did not seem as important.

For instance, the September Challenge asked for the following:
  • A brief background for the NPC
  • Description of his/her relationship with the BBEG
  • Details on his/her modus operandi
  • Suggestions of creative ways the NPC might be used to develop a story through direct or indirect interactions with the PCs

Both the modus operandi and the background are a part of the NPC creation process itself (though not a step that is always included). While the relationship with BBEG and the story development interactions are related (though perhaps not directly).

The details for the town could be related (since at least one of the 'prominent NPCs' is likely to be involved in at least one of the plot hooks), but not necessarily. I am not complaining about the amount of work involved in the challenge (though it might seem that way). I am merely hoping to find a way to encourage other posters on Myth-Weavers to contribute to the challenge for next month (whatever it may be).


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