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Monthly Challenge suggestion box

I suggest a build a puzzle contest. Where one would try to build the most intriguing and ingenious in-game puzzle. Something like having a door that doesn't open and you'll go exploring the place and you find: riddles that lead you to the door's mechanism allowing you to open it. Or something.

I Think a most tragic villain competition would be interesting , like who can design one that the players would really lose sleep over having to take out.

I have a challenge, ye that have done nothing here for a long time:
Create the most twisted, powerful villain ever.
Overpowered, cruel, monstrous in every way possible.
Extra points for being human.

Yes, this is an expansion, in a way, of Ophymirage.

A city town or community that basicly symbolizes a god they worship.
Useing a already known god (in pathfinder of D&D) and incorporating it into the people's lives, building, history, and cultur.

For example I've never heard of a Shelyn city.

(If there is one let me know, I am actually uninformed in details in PF or D&D)

DnD. Lathander. Whole city who rises before dawn and assembles in the town square to pay homage to and enjoy the blessing of the Lord of the Morning / MorningLord.

Test your party members morals.

Have one character (preferably the face or leader) of the group be confronted by an unknown god or very powerful entity. This god may be of questionable purpose but would like to make this PC their chosen warrior. See what the character will do or even will get the party to do to earn favor and rewards from this deity.

I'd love to see a revival of this thread. I'm late to this party and didn't get a chance to contribute... Maybe there's others like me, and maybe the advent of 5e will inspire new categories or ideas.

The entries of other contests here provide great inspiration and quick plug-n-play things in my games.

A fast moving battle challenge where the PCs must cover a lot of ground; e.g. Rooftop chase while harassed by flying enemies, carriage chase with lots of vehicles attacking PC carriage while they hunt a fast moving enemy etc.

Lots of environmental hazards and sudden new threats that canny PCs may turn on the enemies.


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