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Shadowrun: Loose Alliance

Shadowrun: Loose Alliance - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Huh, I did not know it posted like that...yay for learning by mistakes huh?

Game Description:

Hello boys and girls, you can call me Wyld and I will be your tour guide through the 6th world. I would give a plot synopsis but like most shadowrun games the missions will not have an over arching plot. Well that is till I get character sheets because whenever I make a plot I make a skeleton then fill in the flesh with PC specific content. Which means the more you give me, you can just pm me things you donít want the other players knowing, the better I can make the story as a whole. Of course if Iím not given much Iíll go with the classic story of Big bad guy you must stop because no one else seems to pay attention or something along those lines.

[Game Master]
That would be me, Wyld. I have a fair amount of experience running DnD but eventually I stopped playing as I found systems like these allows more creativity in character creation. Only GMíd one SR game in rl but thatís why I am trying to get pbp experience.

[Game Explanation]
For those familiar with Shadowrun games tend to fall under two types. Those are Pink Mohawk games (closer to campy action movies) and Black Trench coat games (serious professionals ala Jason Bourne). This game while having a dark coating will be pretty much a mix of the two. You guys wonít have to be super serious, have multiple identities, and cover every track but blowing up a police station or similar not so smart moves will get you shot, stabbed, burned, and spell casted to death.

[Application Process]
You can post links to your applications here. I have a few things to keep me busy at the moment but to give people as much time as possible I am giving until September 10. If you are almost done but just miss the deadline send it anyway and if we donít have enough people you may make it in or I will put you on the list of replacements. There are 5 slots open but if I get more sheets I really like I may expand it.

NOTE: If I get enough characters I like before the deadline I may cut it short so remember that if your taking a while to make your sheet.

[Character Creation]
SR4 (or SR4A depending on player opinions), Runners Companion, Arsenal, Augmentation, Street Magic, Unwired, Running Wild, Corporate Enclaves, Feral Cities, Runner Havens, and Digital Grimoire.

400 bp or 750 Karma (If using Karmagen free knowledge points are logic + intuition x 6)

Free Contact points: If using bp its Charisma x 2. If using Karmagen its Charisma x 4

To make sure everyone is happy I make the first mission a test mission to see if you like your characters. After it you are allowed to make any changes you may want and even apply the karma you get from the mission but this is the only time you get a chance. After that to get a new character you must retire the first one.

[Any additional information or requirements]
I am up for most optional rules so contact me about those if there is one you want to use.

For any other options you may want please contact me. I am a pretty lenient Gm as long as it doesn't disrupt the game. Even stuff that is technically non cannon like a shapeshifter variant who is a human who turns into an animal but to reflect this has tendencies that reflect her inner beast. Don't be afraid to ask for odd things, I don't bite.

As you may have guessed from the title this game will have to do with multiple factions fighting for supremacy. As the players take missions you gain and loose reputation with different factions. You can all guess where this is going. The difference is if you can be sneaky enough you may never loose any reputation. It would take a lot of work and guile but you could play all the sides without them knowing. Of course once they do find out that could cause some problems...

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Well hello there, Mr. Johnson.
Always interested in Shadowrun, I'll start working on an application soon!

I'm thinking maybe a troll bruiser...

Why hello to you too my deniable asset.

Awesome, maybe theres hope for this game yet.

Troll Bruisers are always fun. Troll Adept Bruisers even more so lol.

Stole the thought right from my mind. an adept troll bruiser was what I was specifically considering

Or my favorite possesion traditions. Which I allow since my old Gm gave me good ideas on how to even em out.

Troll - 45 bp

magician quality - 15 bp

Possesing half your team with guardian spirits and watching them go to town on one REALLY unlucky rentacop - priceless

Somethings nuyen can buy, for everything else theres possesed trolls which can take whatever they want.

I'm thinking a mage or shaman. Possibly a really unlikely-looking shadowrunner, a former wagemage but we'll see. Definitely magic mojo.

Boy, do I love Shadowrun.

Nothing more do I love about Shadowrun, then Decking (Though they threw away the term with 4th Edition).

I'll craft myself up a Hacker/Rigger/Gun Bunny.

Magic and Matrix, good.

Ignus I am guessing you have street magic and Taio you have Unwired and hopefully arsenal?

I've got it all.


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