On the fringe of normalcy

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On the fringe of normalcy

On the Fringe of Normal - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

This game will focus on exotic races and classes. Classes originate in mysterious powers such as the hexblade, warlock, or binder. I'm also looking for exotic races such as half dragons, celestial descended, or dragonborn. I'm looking for creativity mostly. This will be more roleplay than rollplay while combat will be somewhat sparse.

The city will be set up in a circle with districts making up the city.


4d6 drop lowest rolls under ten are increased to ten

starting level: 5 to really allow templates to come out LA buyoff so that templates and races don't bog down later.

Starting gold: 1000 gp gold will probably start off meager comparatively, but will probably fluctuate beyond the normal adventurer's finances.

Alignment No evil please
physical description
Explanation of class/race combination

Like I said I'm really looking for creativity here. That being said the fastest way to get dismissed as a character is to try and make a character that is mechanically strong without creativity. Another thing is that classes that require years of training are going to be discouraged, though not denied if a proper background can be given.

Favored Souls get the ability to turn or rebuke undead, but the feat Divine Metamagic is out.

Books: Core including PBH2, Unearthed arcana (no traits or flaws), All races, complete series, expanded psoinics, Dragon Magic, libris mortis, Heroes of Horror on a case by case basis, Tome of Magic, Magic of Icarium, on a case by case basis planar handbook, Tome of Battle on a very limited case by case basis, and hellfire warlock from Fiendish Codex 2.

For half dragons gem dragons and planar dragons are also available. And I will say that I don't like psionic classes, but I will accept one if the applications good enough.

No evil cute creatures accepted anymore. Sorry, but awakened spellwarped kitten was just too odd.

I'm going to cut off applications when I have six applications I like. Though it will be open at least two weeks.

Just a quick note: This is a survival type game, but it won't be hard to say the least. And while I do have a few ideas on what to do the party will ultimately guide the progress of the game.

Game Description:

You live on the edge of the metropolis of Resual, the jewel of the country. And yet the prosperity brought in by the capital city doesn't find it's way to you as you have racial backgrounds or abilities that few understand and even fewer accept. Because of this you must tirelessly work to eek out a living among the slums which you were born into. Each day presents it's own problems among the dirty alleyways and dreary streets where the only people are like you, the outcasts of society.

The only daily goal is survival. Either by brute force or cunning can one survive at the bottom rung of society. While social status improvement isn't impossible it is hard. Only those whom can earn it move up. If and when that happens it's completely up to you.

What happens when there are no wonders to be seen?
What happens when the poet cannot dream?

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I don't think that a centaur would really fit into an urban setting.

Hmmm...what about a Half Sliver Dragon/Awakened Bonsai Ficus?

EDIT: Dagnabbit! Cant make the sheet public here at work. Stupid IE. Well, here's a synopsis.

Name: Herbert
Race: Half Sliver Dragon/Awakened Bonsai Ficus/Sorcerer
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 87(Has been Awakened for 9 years)
Height: 27" high
Weight: 12 lbs
Leaves: Pale green with silvery 'fuzz' on the underside.
Bark: Verigated light/dark brown
Eyes: Silvery gren

My first inclination is to consider an Afflicted lycanthrope, which may open up some very fun RP situations.

The lycanthrope idea would be okay. Though there's the alignment issues to deal with as well.

And as far as the awakened plant I'm saying no on the simple grounds that a silver dragon can't breed with a plant. Although it's quite funny.

So... Is a Half-Fey Avariel Swordsage an okay?

Originally Posted by Divinedragonslayer View Post
The lycanthrope idea would be okay. Did you want it to be under control or not?

And as far as the awakened plant I'm saying no on the simple grounds that a silver dragon can't breed with a plant. Although it's quite funny.
ROFL! Yeah, that is a bit of a disturbing image. I posted a synopsis/history that explains his Half Dragon-ness. Can I appeal your decision until you read that? If you still say no after reading the history I'll get to work on something else. I really like the premise and definitely want to be involved in this.

Originally Posted by Divinedragonslayer View Post
I don't think that a centaur would really fit into an urban setting.
I dunno, I could see a centaur hanging out in the pub, getting stupid drunk then picking on a poor dwarf who walked in, some crass joke involving male humor and relative elevations. Then after heading to joust and writing the name of his favorite knight on his flanks, and painting a pair of crossed swords on his chest. Afterwards carousing in the streets with some young woman he picked up riding on his back pulling her shirt up every few minutes.

Yes, I'm just being silly.

Since your starting level is only 4 or 5, but you want to encourage odd and exotic races, perhaps you should consider Gestalt? One side could be limited to the monster progressions ala Savage Species and the WotC Savage Progressions articles, the other side could be Warlocks, Binders, etc.


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