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Excel-Based Pathfinder Character Sheet for Review

Excel-Based Pathfinder Character Sheet for Review

I've been working on an Excel-based character sheet for Pathfinder (started from the Beta rules, now updated to the final release)


I'm sharing with the community in hopes of generating some feedback for updates. I've got a similar discussion over on the Paizo forum if you're active there.

I have several goals for this character sheet that drive my development efforts:
  • File Size - I don't want a huge file that is a bear to email and/or performs slowly.
  • Customization - I use house rules all the time, sometimes changing mid-game if a new concept looks good. I want a Core rules baseline, but also flexibility to change things as needed without too much work.
  • Print Friendly - The end result must produce a functional, easy-on-the-eye sheet.
  • Electronic Friendly - I want automation that will allow me to apply temporary ability changes, status effects, etc. as I use the sheets live in-game.
  • Legal - All material must be covered under the Open Game License as Open Game Content and/or be covered by the Paizo Community Use Policy.
This version of the sheet complies with the above fairly well (and the Legal bit perfectly, to the best of my knowledge). It is currently built such that the character generation happens as you fill out the sheet, i.e. when you select a Race, then the Size modifier, save bonuses, etc. appear.

The Class and Feat areas are not very automated--for classes only the BAB, hp, saves, and skill points are covered and there is no Feat automation at this time. These two areas are my primary focus for the next major upgrade (for the curious, Spells and Equipment are my targets after that).

Each tab is Locked, but not password protected. This is so you don't have to worry about accidentally erasing a formula, but can Unlock the tab if you want to change things around. Some fields have formulas but are not locked--these are generally ones where I expect a manual override may be necessary.

The Front and Back tabs are the main sheets, with the Character Info tab thrown in for extra space needs (no automation on it at all). Thanks to GamerGirrl I also have a Spells tab that has some automation.

The Table tab contains the "guts" of the sheet that drive a lot of the automation. You'll see some grey fields on that tab that allow you to add custom races, classes, and skills. You can of course unlock the tab and add all you want, but these fields make it easy to do so without breaking anything.

The Feats tab contains every OGC feat from the Pathfinder RPG and all Pathfinder material. It's got an autofilter that you can use to browse feats, even if you don't want to use the sheet. Note that chunks are missing right now--I need Summary benefits for the non-Core feats and full Benefits for the Core feats, for instance. This tabe will be the source for my Feat automation.

The Traits tab is like Feats...but with traits.

Alternate Class Features is just that--the alternative rules offered up in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting. No automation as yet, but I'll integrate this into the Class automation.

Community Use Material is the tab for Golarion and Pathfinder IP material that is not actually OGC, but used under the Community Use Policy. Right now, it's just languages. I see future use here for things like nation and deity names, etc. I don't plan on building out a lot beyond that, but wanted a separate section for this type of material. Note that some IP is also found on the Feats and Traits tabs, as they might, for instance, use the name Andoran or refer to the god Irori.

Okay, that's the basics. Questions, comments, and criticism welcome (as is help for anyone interested in data entry, feat summarization, etc.).

Thanks, and most of all, good gaming!

I would recommend changing the formula for AC_Dex_Mod.

=MIN(Dex_Mod_Current,IF(Encumbrance="Medium",3,Dex_Mod_Current),IF(Encumbrance="Heavy",1,D ex_Mod_Current),IF(Encumbrance="Overload",0,Dex_Mod_Current), IF(IsNumber(Max_Dex_Armor),Max_Dex_Armor,Dex_Mod_Current),IF(IsNumber(Max_Dex_Shield),Max_ Dex_Shield,Dex_Mod_Current))

Otherwise, if nothing is filled in for armor and shield (which is likely for a monk or wizard), the Dex Mod is being set to 0.

Don't want to steal your thunder too much but I'm trying to have a pathfinder sheet up by this time next week... would you mind if we used yours as a model for the autocalculation?

Been MIA for a week and actually got some responses!

For the AC_Dex_Mod calc, we just found that one in some playtesting this past week, actually. I simplified the logic down a bit in the IF statements, then came to the conclusion that I should be using a simple table and vlookup for all encumbrance effects...

I'm now up to v.0.5.5 (that AC_Dex_Mod fix will be in v.0.5.6) and in the spirit of the OGL, all folks are welcome to use any aspect of the sheet. There is an active discussion of the sheet over on the Paizo boards, and it is also now hosted at the Pathfinder Database.


erian_7's Excel-based Character Sheet over on the Paizo forums

Pathfinder Database (my sheet is under Character Sheets, titled Pathfinder Character Excelerator--this is the last "stable" version, so in this case v.0.5 without all my experiments/changes)

nice work but I have a few suggestions
#1 add the wizard schools and sorcerer bloodlines in a drop-down if you haven't already done so.
even putting it in the class box as Wizard(enchanter) as a specialist enchanter or a Sorcerer(blue dragon) for bloodlines, it would be super to have all that stuff tossed in where they go for you.

#2 allow people to turn the point purchasing for abilities on or off so they aren't watching "TOO MANY POINTS" when they try to put their ability scores in after rolling them the old fashion way, or when they manualy add their racial bonus.

#3 Spells per day tied in with intelligence, level, and class would be a nice touch.

sorry to be so focused on spellcasters, but that is the first character class I have tried to write up using your sheet.
All things considered, I give it a thumbs up.

Thanks! I'm actually working through class automation now--down to Rogue, so Sor and Wiz haven't started as yet. I do have all the bloodline and school effects (along with domains) in line for inclusion in the automation. I'm handling this sort of thing on a Character Options tab for now. Modifying spells per day based on the appropriate ability is already worked in for all the previous classes, so Sor/Wiz won't be any problem there.

For the point-buy piece, that should be easy enough--I'll just add another selection in the drop-down for type that specifies "Custom" or some such and then have the formula ignore the points. If you're not following the sheet development over on the Paizo forums, I just put up v.0.5.6 that includes fixes to several areas and automation through Paladin.

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