Need Two More Squaddies

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Need Two More Squaddies

By Iron and Blood - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 2

I'm running a military campaign (By Iron and Blood) set in an alternate universe. Character, intrigue, and plot are important, though there is some violence as well. There is lots of violence. The squad is a bit undermanned as of late, so I'm looking for anyone interested in joining the fray.

I should note that I'm running another campaign that interacts with this one, but right now, that campaign has a few more people than this one does. It's important for the campaigns to have an equal amount of players on both sides.

I'm aiming for 1 or 2 people. Ranks, specializations, and equipment will be determined in game.

The game has, so far, progressed from boot camp to field operations.

Interested applicants should picture growing up in Germany during the early 1930's for your characters' past, except with more totalitarianism, electronic monitoring devices, nationalistic zeal, and clockwork overseers.

The tone of the story is dark, so make sure to bring a flashlight.

The game in its entirety can be found here. Feel free to read for background information. It is not necessary for applicants to read the game before applying.

There is a lack of physical might in the game right now, so strong, fast, agile, or just generally tough characters will be preferred over the brooding intellectual types, of which there are plenty. We've got a great range of skills in the current squad, but we do not have anyone with focuses in either engineering or guile.

Thanks for your interest!

Game Description:

A story of a squad of soldiers.

Sorak your HP is 31 not 32.
Your tactics base is -1, not -3
All good.
All good.
Meat Shield
HP is 31, not 32.
You are missing one skill point that needs to be distributed.
Tactics should be 0, not 1.

Originally Posted by Loftydreamer View Post
Meat Shield
HP is 31, not 32.
You are missing one skill point that needs to be distributed.
Tactics should be 0, not 1.
Fixed, thank you. The HP was me not adding correctly, and I should have said "0+1", not just 1 for the tactics - that's where it went wrong.

My personal opinion is I would love your character (mechanical) Meat if you switched a tag over to engineering, but not my place to tell people how to make their characters.

I can definitely see it - I have thought of him as a tinkerer, having to keep repairing old farm equipment, salvaging broken down cars for his own use, etc. The tags are where they were probably because I did it right after I imagined him in boot camp, and the army would have pushed heavy weapons and unarmed combat on him.

But overall, I think you may actually be right. OK, I'll switch the heavy guns tag to engineering. I still like to think of him as a brawler par excellance

Hmm I can picture you now, hopped up on Surge with a Power Gauntlet.

This lowly combat medic with alchemical background would like people to be as scary as I can hop them up to be.

Not nice feeding on the poor guy's temper like that....and as long as it is messy in the right direction then it is fine.

It seems that Tatch and Meat Shield were the most popular with the current squad.

Welcome to the team!

For everyone who didn't make it, I'll contact you via PM if any spots open up.


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