The Lost Episodes

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The Lost Episodes

Lost Episodes - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Legacy Era
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Hello all,

I’m running a special game and need some extra help. It’s a Star Wars Saga game, however, everyone who plays is also a GM. We are running Star Wars adventures in a format similar to half-hour adventure series on television ("Episodes"), then linking together through a common theme the adventures into a "Season". Every GM is responsible for running one (1) Episode per "Season". At the end of the season one GM will run a “Season Finale” type of adventure.

Episodes are short adventures, ideally something that would only take a single night of face-to-face gaming. Something along the lines of 3-5 encounters (combination of skill challenges, combat, dice challenges, whatever). The GM who is running the Season Finale might ask for something to be inserted into the Episode, such as a recurring theme or plot device. Largely, each GM will be free to run whatever they want in their Episodes. One Episode might be standard Star Wars fare, the next might be a Call of Cthulu themed one-shot with Jedi fighting giant space squid. This is a chance to try to different things (though it helps give players a bit of fair warning if you are going to do something unusual).

Seasons will consist of every GM running one adventure. No exceptions. At the end of the Season, one GM will run a Season Finale episode, which can have all the standard clichés of a TV series. The Finale might be bigger (6-10 encounters) but it could be the same size as an Episode, entirely depending on what the GM wants.

Every GM will have 1 PC. When a GM is running an Episode, their PC will sit on the ship, hang out in the cantina, or do something equally lame and boring. The other GM’s PCs will be involved in the adventure. So every GM gets to play, every GM gets to run a game. GM PCs may participate in an Episode if needed, but they should not be a focus.

Most decisions will be made by simple majority voting. Since everyone is a GM, everyone has equal say in the future of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. That means for anything where there’s a disagreement, we’ll just use a simple vote. Then, here’s the tricky part, we’ll move on and not obsess over the decision.

So far I have two GMs who are posting on the boards. We've completed the Season Intro, and our Second full Episode. We're about to start our Third Episode. We're looking to add a couple of new GMs.

Game Masters
Everyone who is actively signed up for the game will be a GM. I will be the Head GM.
The other two GMs are tsuyoshikentsu and narrow24.

How to apply

First, please express interest here. If for no other reason that it keeps this thread relevant for a while.

Second, think really, really, hard if this is the right game for you. You need to be the type of person who has a cooperative spirit. No one has absolute control over the future course of the galaxy we’ll be playing in. Things that are sacred to you may not be sacred to others, and ultimately may be changed. This could be an incredibly rewarding game, but you have to have the right attitude coming in. Immaturity won’t work here.

Third, head over to our forums. Take a look around. Read through the posts.

Character Creation
Character creation is secondary to understanding that you will be participating as both a GM and as a player. However, once you understand that, the character creation rules are at

Additional Info
Post rate- At least 1/day, weekends we’re flexible at this point, but I’d prefer the games keep moving along at a brisk pace. We're going to enforce this more than a lot of games do. When we started we were a bit too flexible on this, and our game suffered because of it. Sometimes we were lucky to get everyone to post once every 2 or 3 days.
If a person can not post, they would be advised to offer "robot" commands for their character's next action. The GM may NPC you in order to keep the stories moving.

For the most part, the current 3 folks we have are heavy posters. We tend to post the most during the day (in America).

The Current Cast of Characters:
Greykabukk, Wookie Scoundrel. Grey is a computer expert and melee fighter. He is a good natured Wookie that often is played in the role of comic relief. He uses strength and intimidation in any situation he can and likes to threaten to rip off arms and legs and such. You know, the useless limbs. He is used to no one understanding what the heck he is saying, but that doesn't stop him from running his mouth endlessly.

Dorat, Sullustan scoundrel. He's a mechanic by obsession but he can also hold his own in a fire fight when he needs to. Like most Sullustans he's kind of a joker and he enjoys bantering back and forth with Grey. He's got a bit of a shady past that he's not very keen on sharing with most people but it doesn't really come up that often. Because much of his life has been spent accepting whatever crap the galaxy throws his way that day he has a tendency to wait for things to react to rather than planning his actions in advance.

Tagrin, Duros Noble. Tagrin is a grumpy pilot just off the backwaters of Tatooine. He was mayor of his little town because no one else wanted to be. He's good at what he does, though. He's also the owner of record of the Midnight Express, the ship all these crazies are flying around on.

Deadline for Applications will be September 9th. Two of the three GMs will have to approve any applicant. If an applicant "wows" all three GMs we'll admit the person early.

Game Description:

In the year 155 ABY the galaxy is at peace. After years of struggle the Sith Empire has finally conquered the galaxy. The last remnants of the Galactic Republic were defeated 5 years ago in the Outer Rim. It was not a great battle, or one that will be remembered. Less than a dozen Republic ships had remained, arrayed against the Grand Fleet of the Empire. Emperor Arsaec, a powerful Sith Lord, left before the first shots were fired. The battle was a foregone conclusion.

Since the end of the Republic day to day life in the Sith Empire, for the common citizen, has been largely peaceful. Taxes are high, but not unbearable. Trade goods are flowing. Smugglers still thrive, though the punishments for crime are harsh. One system, Corellia, tried to rise up against the Empire. Over 80% of the population were either killed or enslaved. Since that time other systems have waited patiently and quietly, in no hurry to rebel; they see clearly that the Sith will soon take care of themselves. They are waiting.

The Jedi, the guardians of the galaxy from times long past, have largely disappeared. Most were killed by the Sith during the war. Some turned and joined the Sith. A few, a small precious few, remained behind, keeping the lore, history, and training of the Jedi alive. They operate largely in secret, trying to keep the peace. They are waiting. Hidden.

The galaxy is waiting, with baited breath, for something. Empires have risen and fallen. Republics have come and gone. Surely a sign must be coming, something to mark the start of a new age.


Haven't I see this before? It seems familiar somehow. In either case, I'm pretty interested, although I admit I don't know much of anything about EU Star Wars outside of KOTOR and the Dark Forces games

Wow, this looks out of this world. I will go check out the forum but this seems right up my alley. I love the rotating GM idea. I'm thinking a grizzled gunslinging commando-type (stormtrooper gone AWOL and ship's gunner). Some Scout/Soldier combo with a bent towards bounty hunting.

drkrough, should I post a full concept here or in the thread in the game forum?

Sorry for the delayed response, was on a weekend beach vacation.

poolshark_6: Sniper is fine, though it is worth considering that snipers tend to be solo-types, and there very likely won't be opportunities for you to snipe in every "Episode". If you're okay with that, then so am I.

dystmesis: We posted in the past, and I pretty much used the exact same ad, so you may have a bit of deja vu' from that. You don't have to know every facet of the SW EU to play the game. We've advanced the timeline far enough ahead that we are allowed to make it up as we go along. The universe's history is slowly being filled in as enemies appear and ships shoot at us.

Gankun: Glad you're interested, hope you get a chance to post.

DeranAlankier: Having someone that can shoot never hurts. Please post the concept here, if only for the purpose of keeping this post up for a few more days

Would a force using scout be okay. could possibly be a jedi in the future with proper training?

Also would the force power plant surge be acceptable.

Gankun: It'd be okay. The Sith are exceedingly powerful in our universe (and all over the place), so as long as you keep that in mind, we'd welcome a potential Jedi.

I'm fine with that, plus i'm guessing the the Grans awesome perception will come in handy. I have to throw up the warning thought I may not get a chance to post again till monday... Leaving the state for a few days.


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