World of Farland

A world conquered by evil and ruled by the Lords of Sin; A unique campaign setting designed to be used with all editions of D&D.

Latest Farland Update

Originally Posted by Valanduil View Post
The Barbarian Trials are all finished though, right?
Yes. Yes they are.

Great update this month too Ric.

Frickin' genius, as usual, gents and lady! Please crack one open and take a swig; you deserve it!

For November we have another themed update for you; it focuses on the occupied Kingdom of Zeland:
  • Spotlight on Zel City, the capital of Zeland.
  • A new NPC, the deadly Lord of Sloth.
  • A new magic item, the Elixir of Long Life.
  • A new adventure, Towers of Night, and the DM Genie version of that adventure.

Thanks to Squeak, Galadwen, and Xieg for contributing to this month's update!

Check it out here:

Enjoy, and game on!

Fantastic as always, guys! This gives a great perspective on the mighty blob! I sure wouldn't wanna' meet that one...

For December we have another great update:
  • New fiction, "An Unlikely Alliance," by our own ryator.
  • A new spell, Bind Weapon.
  • A new monster, the Aldran Giant.

Check it out here:

Happy holidays, and happy gaming!

January's update is here, and it's very crunchy and delicious. It consists of:
  • A new feat, Reckless Strike.
  • A new spell, Weight of the World.
  • A new spell, Imbued Orb.

Check it out here:

Game on!

The Valentine's update is here, and it's theme is dragons. It consists of:
  • Spotlight on Dragons in Farland.
  • The Lord of Greed, a mighty dragon.
  • The origin of adamantine and mithril.

Check it out here:

Thanks to Squeak, Agricolus, and Galadwen for work on the update.

Game on!

Our Ides of March update has arrived, and it's theme is the Dark Conquest and the Dark Occupation. It's a spectacular update! it consists of:
  • Spotlight on Great Battles of the Dark Conquest.
  • The Dark Conquest.
  • The Dark Occupation.
  • New fiction, "Sentry at the Gate."

Check it out here:

Thanks to Agricolus, ryator, Valanduil, Squeak, Erian_7, Venger, Doom, uberDice, Medesha, and Galadwen for work on the update.

Happy gaming and enjoy!

Well done everyone. I just finished up reading what I hadn't read so far and it was all really great. Excellent work everyone as usual!

Our April update is here, and its theme is the saved orcs, the Kassa of Forntol. It's an amazing update. We give you:
  • Spotlight on the Kassa.
  • New fiction, "Trouble Brewing."
  • A Kassa community, Melkuul Wesfar.
  • New poetry, "The Kassa Sailor's Lament."

Check it out here:

Thanks to Agricolus and ryator for their excellent work on the update.

Game on!

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