A New Dawn: Survival

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A New Dawn: Survival

A New Dawn - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 5

I know that I'm new to the site, but I have some moderate experience with PbP on another site and I have considerable experience as a GM/Storyteller for various games--my favorite being Exalted, which I have run since the core book came out in 2001.

To those who are familiar with the setting, the first leg of the story will take you into the West.

I can answer questions either here or on the questions thread in the Character Creation subgroup.

Game Description:

In the void left in the Threshold by the political in-fighting in the Realm, an ancient power, long thought dormant, has returned. Men and women are coming into power and surviving long enough to learn how to use it. These are the Solars. Called Anathema by the official government and treated as demons by the official religion, they are, nevertheless, influential and gaining power in the Age of Sorrows.

You are one of these. A warrior or scholar, leader or diplomat, or perhaps just a sneaky bastard in the decline of civilization, you have been imbued with power from the Unconquered Sun, chief deity and ruler of the gods.

You have the power to make your mark on Creation itself.
You just have to survive long enough to do it.
Game Master: Me. Only me. And the voices in my head.
Number of Players: 3-5
Game Explanation: Independent Solars looking for power and on the run from the forces of the Realm. This will include RP-heavy scenes and combat-heavy sequences. Expect a wide variety of actions.
Application Process: Submit a character bio and hopeful caste. If you wish, include relevant combat ability. Applications will be completely open until November 10. After November 10, if I do not yet have three players, then I will take the first three players I get.
Character Creation Rules: First Edition Solars, using core book rules. Merits/Flaws from the Player's Guide are allowed, though some flaws may be disallowed as I consider them. If you wish for your character to have a Level 5 artifact, you'd best be prepared to offer some sort of explanation as to how you acquired such a world-changing power. The Gem of Incomparable Wellness does not exist. Don't ask for it.

Miscellaneous: Once the game starts, I will be checking the game thread at least once per day. I expect all players to post at least once every two days. Obviously, certain plot points will not advance until everyone has posted.

I have competed well; I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.

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Making this float back to first page, AND showing interest (I am so cool ). I plan on creating a Eclipse or a dawn caste. Also...will you accept people that doesn't know the system(1ed is old an a lot of new players doesn't know it)

Of course I will accept people who don't know the system.
What sort of open-minded ST would I be without it?

And, Narmo, if you're knowledgeable about the system, make what you like, I'm sure it'll be interesting.

Heh. How close is 2nd edition and 1st edition? I at least know the 2nd ed. rules, though this'd be my first actual game. I'd like to express interest.

1st ed requires an initiative roll every round while 2nd ed uses the tick system
Some backgrounds are different (Followers gives you less in 1st ed)
The speed function of a weapon is handled differently
And, perhaps most importantly, defenses in 1st ed are rolled, rather than static.

Some abilities are different as well. War and Integrity don't exist. In their places are Brawl and Endurance.

If that's it, I can probably handle the change. I've got a character mostly completed, but help and assistence would be greatly appriciated. Assuming there are no changes to how hearthstones work, I've got an incomplete idea for a 5th-level manse's hearthstone's powers as well. Should I post it here or PM you?

First is easier in some regards, but not so in others. I do prefer 1ed though, the system is a little more straightforward and less complicated, there are less variables to remember and the charm progression is a little more clear

Unfortunately, it's much harder to find. Any resources would be deeply appreciated. (I can't find any )

(Well, actually I found a torrent, but I can't download it ntil i get home until I get home)

Try RPGNow.com. All the first edition .pdfs are available there.

Current concept: Twilight Caste solar, with a level 5 manse and a small (level 2) cult for convenience. Out to repair the mask, break the great curse (backstory for how he found out can be provided), and generally make a happy ending for everyone.


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