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Free Form Player Listings

Free Form Player Listings

The purpose of this thread will be for those who like to play Free Form to come and make themselves known to other Free Formers. I personally believe if, 'we who love no rules', can get to know one another or at least know we are not alone since we are a rare breed, then perhaps more free form games we love so much can become more common place. I believe one of the problems for us is that many don't feel its worth their time to make a game since they see so few or none of their fellow free formers. Well I hope this little thread might change that.

So what I would like is for any free former who sees this to just make a simple post acknowledging themselves as a free former and then list the systems you like and or any plot/idea/ w/e else you like that isn't necessarily a system (keep in mind any system can be made rule less, so if you just adore Forgotten Realms, then list it). I will then keep a running tab in this original post of those who have mentioned themselves to make it easier on people, so they do not have to look through all the posts. Hopefully if we get enough people, then maybe we can get more games going and get some of those timid GM's or players to get more active. (If you want to be generic in how you list interests then feel free. Generic is fine, as many are willing to play any fantasy setting or any sci-fi setting regardless of how its done, or at least like enough that generic suits it)

Important Edit: I do not mean to imply only pure Free Formers need make themselves known, I mean anyone who loves Free Form please make themselves known.

Oh important note, when I list a players likes, whether generically or not, I am being very brief, and might not include some details. Thus if you wish to know more, if more is available, then go ahead and look for their post to see what they said. I am listing people as they post, so it should make it easier to find them if you look for them in order as they are posted below.

Since I started this, I will put my name down first.

Players Who Play Free Form

65 people in total so far!

-Dalara Shadowmist (D&D, Shadowrun, OWoD [though in free form NWoD probably would be fun as well], Star Ship Troopers, Star Wars, Vampire based, Dune, typical/atypical fantasy and Sci-fi, and more! Love, love, making my own worlds/creatures etc as well.) [You can PM me with interest checks if you wish]
-Silverkiss (GM's Often) (D&D/any medievil fantasy, can be persuaded to play sci-fi, modern, and so forth, but prefers the first listed) [Does not mind being PMed]
-Batto (Medievil fantasy, and just about anything else) [Willing to be contacted via PM]
-Angry Furby (Is open to many settings and plots)
-Telicis (Willing to play seemingly anything)
-Dakar (Has not listed likes)
-Pagos (Has not listed likes)
-Paper Bard (Likes Star Wars, Vampire, Dune, Shadowrun, and fantasy based games, as well space opera.)
-Windscar18 (Plays anything interesting, though prefers unusual settings)
-Fluffles (3.5 free form)\
-Allucard (Just about anything, prefers fantasy)
-GothamLord(onceQuinncyAether) (Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi. D&D, World of Darkness, Star Wars, Exalted, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu style games) [Does not mind being PMed]
-Wyld Image (Likes horror/mood (like WoD), anime/manga. Plot/story if good, will play anything.) [Does not mind being PMed]
-ladditude (Did not list likes)
-Moral Wiz (Did not list likes)
-insomniawalking (Dune, Dark Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic settings, Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy/40k, WoT, Song of Fire and Ice, nWoD, typical High/Low fantasy settings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Mechwarrior, Mutants and Mastermind Free Form, and White Wolf product free form. and lots of other things.) [Does not mind being PMed]
-shogunboy (Final Fantasy gameplay, medieval with a side of magic and technology, epic destinies.)
-Spyglass (See post for info, to detailed and not specific enough to generalize here) [Does not mind being PMed]
-Syndl (Fantasy, Modern, Supernatural) [Welcomes PM's]
-P4yne (medieval, preference for Forgotten Realms. Shadowrun, any post-modern settings [cybernetic things and such].) [Welcomes PM's]
-Codger (GM's often) (Medieval, Ancient. Anything else is possible with sufficient depth) [Welcomes PM's]
-nautilus_project (fantasy, slightly darker bent and generally low magic, moderate-high (realistic) death, etc. I could also go for survival horror (if done right) and sci-fi.) [Welcomes PM's]
-dauphinous (medievil fantasy, campy sci-fi, WoD) [Welcomes PM's]
-Vain (Did not list likes) [Welcomes PM's]
-Neraagile (Anything with a modicum of grit, I’m not much of a high-anything) [Welcomes PM's]
-Hesstruk (D&D[esp FR], Warhammer, Final Fantasy, and most fantasy games in general. Also Star Wars, Mechwarriors type games. Will play anything with good story) [Prefers PM's]
-Kellian (Modern, Real Life, Star Trek, fantasy) [Welcomes PM's]
-King of the Jakers (Steampunk, Modern, Future, Likes other Genre as well) [Welcomes PM's]
-Elistan (Fantasy, dark gritty games, horror, survival) [Welcomes PM's]
-Trepid (Fantasy, Superhero, as well as possibly other genres) [Welcomes PM's]
-Bbender (Likes basically anything)
-Revanmal (Interests run the gamut, but settings like Nobilis and Exalted are favorites) [Welcomes PM's]
-Octavian_5 (Horror, WoD, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, and occasional Superhero) [Welcomes PM's]
-Unoz (Fantasy, Wants to try sci-fi) [Welcomes PM's]
-Mordae (Fantasy, Sci-fi, Renaissance) [Welcomes PM's]
-weishan (Well thought out Fantasy and Sci-fi) [Welcomes PM's]
-Sir *TIM!!!!!!* (Likes many types) [Welcomes PM's]
-Ventus (sci-fi, fantasy horror, whatever.) [Welcomes PM's]
-Kansas (WoD (Old and New), Modern with a twist, and just about any other setting) [Welcomes PM's]
-Chase (Low/no magic fantasy, low tech modern/future) [Welcomes PM's]
-Fullcircle (Post-apocalypse, horror, and other genres work.) [Welcomes PM's]
-Gretik (Likes every genre) [Welcomes PM's]
-Stormcracker (Sci-fi) [Welcomes PM's]
-Cleokatrah (GM's Often) (Likes anything but Sci-fi.) [Welcomes PM's]
-Sollister (Likes Sci-fi and Fantasy) [Welcomes PM's]
-Paul_V (Likes anything besides sci-fi and futuristic) [Welcomes PM's]
-Witchwolf (D&D, Fantasy, sci-fi, and other things) [Welcomes PM's]
-Krimson (Low Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Steampunk, Sci-fi, anime, Modern, Alternate History, Historical settings) [Welcomes PM's]
-Rakaneth (Medieval Fantasy, willing to try sci-fi) [Welcomes PM's]
-Shannon (Any Genre) [Welcomes PM's]
-WhiteMageHero (Any Genre) [Welcomes PM's]
-Draik Tempest (Any Genre) [Welcomes PM's]
-Apollyon36 ( ) [Welcomes PM's]
-luke6080 (Likes modern combat/medieval fantasy, pretty much everything)
-Jomonkey527 (Likes Star Wars, DnD - specifically Eberron, FL, open to pretty much everything)
-ankl3deep (would like to try)
-Zeruel (Likes dark/gritty SciFi or modern games, particularly military/warcentric. Also Steam/Cyberpunk and 40k, as well as post-apocalyptic in all forms.) [Welcomes PMs]
-RPGuru (dungeon crawl, classic or 3.5 D&D, steampunk, and other interests) [Welcomes PMs]
-UndeadCheeseburger (prefers homebrew, but not again a system based world free form game) [Welcomes PMs]
-RilkeRain (Appears to be open to any genre but likes Zombie type games a lot)
-Kuroimaken (Likes any genre)
-Firestorm (Likes any genre)
-Miss Kitty ( Fantasy D&D 3.5, modern, and futuristic)
-Azazel33 (fantasy, shadowrun, starwars, zombie, open to WoD) [Welcomes PMs]
-Quilla (Fantasy, wants to try other genre's) [Welcomes PMs]

Current Open Free Form Planning or Game Ads

As the name implies these are games that currently are open. I will remove the link once the game has been closed.

EpicLevelRic's Game

This is an interesting idea. Truly, the lack of a greater freeform activity here has stopped me from beginning quite a few games already, in fear of lacking players to actually, y'know, play the games. Still, over the months that I have spent on this marvellous site, I've come to know quite a few freeformers, so I know that they are out there, lurking for games that can provide them with their freeform fix. However, if we keep to the shadows, we'll only restrict the freeform games that are run over here; I wouldn't be surprised if newcomers to the site gave up on their freeform projects because of lack of interest. So, speak up, people! Let us make ourselves known! (:

My interests in freeform are virtually anything, especially if it relates to medieval fantasy (ie. your usual DnD game). I could be persuaded to try and play other styles, like sci-fi, modern-ages games, etc etc, but medieval fantasy is really my greatest passion.

I love free form and roleplaying, I usually play medieval fantasy, but I don't mind playing anything at all... but I really really like creating my own worlds with their own types of magic, etc etc

Awesome, keep it coming people. I can already name 3-4 more people off the top of my head who play Free Form and have not posted yet, but I will wait and see if they post, as I do not know a complete list of their likes.

Silver makes a good point as well, we cannot hide in the shadows, that will only mean the death of Free Form on this site. Most Free Form games that make it to the Game Advertisement forum die or get very little attention, many never make it out of the Interest Thread in the first place.

It's been a while since I've free-formed but it's nice to see people are still interested in it! As for setting/system etc I'm usually willing to learn a system if the story/plot interests me enough (and have on more than one occasion).

Really though? A GM with an open mind who has a real passion for running their game and working with the players trumps setting and genre and what not. The most epic story in the world becomes boring if the GM seems uninterested.

I agree. A game's success depends only on the GM's and the players' willingness to create an interesting and evolving story. Everything is secondary to that. (:

*Raises hand* I think talking about the "death of freeform" is a little too dramatic, but I like the idea behind this list. Pagos also wants to be added. I've included a chat log below.

-chuckles- I was not implying its dead, but meant more to imply it can die if people just sit in the background hoping it will come to them. Its my impression on this site that not enough people know other people and thus they feel its worthless or darn near to try and do Free Form. This is also a personal attempt on my part to try and rouse more interest on this site for Free Form. I want more free form! -laughs- Though this will benefit many others besides me, of course.

Oh you didn't list what you liked, although its not truly necessary, just a nice heads up for any looking at the list.

Keep it up people! We have 6 people, 7 including me already! And its only been and hour and a half since I started this thread and those that I know who like free form, besides two already on the list have not posted yet... so I know there are more of us out there.

Perhaps we should try to make some sort of free form campaign together, I'm a pretty hyper poster, I'm online almost everyday and willing to post more than 1 time per day.


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