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Free Form Player Listings

My very first games were pretty much free form (couldn't bring dice to school ).

I prefer to free form horror/mood games (like WoD) & pretty much anything based on an anime/manga. So if the story/idea is good, I'll try playing just about anything.

@Nocturnal: As Dalara already voiced out, this thread is not for brainstorming games per se; it's just so people who play and love free form can get to know each other. Obviously, there may be people interested in free form that don't depict themselves as strict free form players, but knowing that there are dozens (hopefully) of people out there that do call themselves free form players is a great boost to any free form DM's morale when planning a game. (:

Exactly. Well said.

Indeed, I almost wish I had held off on my D&D Steampunk game an extra week now. I would love to give it a try in a free-form situation. Seeing a good number of people too makes me think that maybe if/when I start up another game, I'll toss out the possibility of a free-form one.

I've free formed before.

My enjoyment of it depends on the players. I've free formed with some fantastic people before, and it was great. On the other hand, I've free formed with god modders and Mary Sues who made it unbearable.

So... I guess you can go ahead and add me to the list!

Oh yeah, players can make all the difference, for sure. No question there.

Awesome Quincy, that is exactly what this thread was for! Mission accomplished in your case. No worries about rushing, I think people knowing about others now is enough to get them excited and interested for a future outlook. I doubt anyone expects instant campaigns. It will take some time, but now we all know people are here and wanting to play Free Form. I am feeling better and better for having made this Thread, glad this is working out so far. Thank you all for posting, and keep coming people, still more of you out there.

Yeah I like the idea, and this is a nice way to know other free form players/GM's and that's pretty important.

We should keep this list and pm everyone when we create a free form game

It'd be a lot smarter to just post it in the thread. Getting a PM might get old after the fifth "OMG Hogwarts Slash!"

Well I will leave that up to the people, let them do as they wish. If someone is not against being PMed then that works. If they are, then this thread can easily be used for a means to get the word out as well. I will say this though, if you as the GM are targeting a large group of people (such as D&D free form, which would attract many) I think it would be best just to give a link to your interest ad or game ad that way it saves you effort and time.

I actually was just thinking that another purpose of this would be to have prospective GM's link their Game Planning ads, or official ads in so they can easily get noticed by the audience they mean to target. A Free Form game tends to drop on the list quite rapidly in the Game Advertisement as well as in the Game Planning forums. So using this thread should help relieve the problem.

Also, since most people do not look in the Game Planning forum, this place is perfect to post the link to that thread. Please do not post an interest/game advertisements in here! The moderators will not like that, but links are acceptable. Sorry for the big letters, call it an insurance policy, I do not want this thread getting shut down because someone did that without being warned by me.

Also, would anyone like me to put notes next to their name if they do not want to be PMed or if they do not mind being PMed? That could be useful info.

Well, I'm happy to sign up. The one PbP I've ever completed was freeform....

In fact, a friend of mine and I were talking about a revival... anyone here interested in "20 minuets into the future" kind of gaming? Think "Battlefield 2142"


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