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Free Form Player Listings

Another freeform gamer here. I enjoy Forgotten Realm/High fantasy games, but would find myself drawn to the following genre's for a freeform game: Steampunk / Dark Future-Shadowrun / Survival (from Zombie Appoc to you crashed onto an island with the following tools).

I'm a freeformer!

I'm into anything, although I usually play Mutants and Masterminds as the system for everything I run (when not freeforming). I like all genres and settings.

Starting a freeform game here.

Still polling to determine a genre/setting, so if you're interested in getting in at he ground level, head on over and vote!

I have a couple of openings in my established free form game Soul Mates Soul Fates.

2-4 players needed depending on the apps. Game has been running since July last year but not all current players have met up yet so you'd not be jumping into an fully established group. Post rate is slow but steady 1-2 a week min for all players sometimes its a bit faster depending on commitments of everyone.

Fantasy Freeform with emphasis on character relationships and interactions, with an over reaching story arc of good vs evil, save the world from the returning darkness type thing!!

If your interested swing by here

feel free to put me up on the list.

Also for those interessted here is a freeform based on the world of Fairy Tail, not registered as gm for the game but the general oppinion is that more players are always welcome.

I have posted a freeform game set in the Hunger Games universe. If you are interested, you can find the game ad here.

Still looking for some applicants for my Hunger Games game. It will be set in the universe of the Hunger Games series, but it will not delve into the Games themselves. Instead, it will be set in The Capitol and center around the everyday folk who choose to rebel. I'd love any input on the ad or premise of the game if there is something holding you back.

Game ad can be found here.

Anyone who reads Syndl's post above should seriously consider applying to her game. Syndl is easily one of the best GMs I've ever had the pleasure of playing with on MW, and is both an incredible writer and creative storyteller.

Hello! I've been a 'Free-former' for over 6 years! I came to Myth-Weavers on a friends suggestion to learn Dice Based, but am so glad to see other writer-writers. I've been into writing since I was quite young and started Free-formed roleplays on Allpoetry with a few other very well scripted friends of mine. I like any type of game with a good story. I run The Story of Sin, a 4+year thriving group based on the 7 Deadly sins, hard on detail, no dice! I've also had my had in SO many others! Anything from supernatural to realistics! Creating alternate realities is a specialty of mine and designing good storylines is a hobby!

PS I'm a creative writing major too ;]

I post mostly from my phone, or else Weds/Thursday nights desktop from work. My laptop, at the moment before it... falls.. out the window, sucks so I prefer my phone. >_< I can be daily to every other day. I can be a player or a runner or a co-leader, or heck, just someone to bounce ideas off of!


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