Chapter 4b - Spelunking

Garak would have rather remarked something rude and offensive to the guards, but his goal at this point was to get the loot to its destination without any delay or prying eyes looking at it too closely. Of course, if the guards gave any problems, the assassin would do what was necessary to get by them. He smiled at the thought of having some fun with them...

"Mister Townsguard, I Joachim Laross paladin of light, defender of the righteous and avenger of the mistreated, crusader for the greater good, assure you on my personal words that our business in your city is one of order and has my personal supervision. We have stayed here for the last days and are accounted for in the ..." Joachim turns to Tamrik "what was the name of the inn?" then he speaks up to the guard, "Please grant us entry once again so we can attend to our businesses as my friend Garak ... erm something ... has stated already so well."

For some reason Joachim kept it short ...

"That's right. Order. Our purpose is order.

I plan on ordering a hell of a lot of ale -- so unless you want to explain to the local tavernkeepers why you are personally affecting their livelihoods, I suggest you step aside and let me get pissed before the sun goes down."


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