Open Discussion (OOC)

Open Discussion (OOC)

Hey guys! So, while we won't be playing IC together for at least a month probably, I was thinking that while our prologues play out it wouldn't hurt to get to know each other a bit. Obviously, we shouldn't say anything about our current characters, but I like to be friends with the folks I game with so... backgrounds, stories, jokes, 'this one time this one character did this and it was hilarious' etc...

Me, I'm a university student in the midwest. I grew up on first person shooters, played my first roleplaying game at eleven, and I'm so hopelessly addicted to the internet that I may as well just stick an ethernet jack in my belly button. My brother introduced me to Mythweavers, which he found when he was looking for online character sheets. This is my first game here so I may not be hip to certain protocols, my apologies if I seem clueless sometimes.

*little bow*

(By the way Will, it says 'players', but you are more than welcome to post too.)

And readers are allowed to post here too, I think. So go ahead and introduce yourselves in the mood takes you.

You really want use to use italics to signify speaking? I'd say that bold or colour is far superior. Italics are incredibly difficult to see.

I prefer to use [size=7][b][strike][color=white][/b][/color][/size][/strike] for speech.

In real terms, I just use [b]""[/b] for speech.


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