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Hi all.

I'm still alive and kicking, and should be able to get a post in shortly tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. Just as soon as I catch up with the IC thread.

The question seems to be at the moment: do we open each locked door as we go past and check to see what's behind it, or do we check out the area first and then come back to open the doors?

My typical game habit is to check/open each door - that way you don't have creatures coming up behind you. Given what happened to Thistle (standing at the back of the line when he disappeared) this is Narnae's instinct also.

Majority vote rules.

As stated IC, I'm in favour of checking out doors as we go along.

I think the majority are in favor of opening the door--if SS is still busy by tomorrow, I'll have him pick the lock and move on.

Caitrin is smart enough to keep out of it. As in no matter what her thoughts are on the matter she knows the group wouldn't listen to her.

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