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I always mean to do that, but then I forget. I just put my speech in quotes.

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In real terms, I just use [b]""[/b] for speech.
By the way, Roi, thanks for all the help you've been since the beginning. I really hope we can pay you back with some good reading.

No problem- that's (partially) why I'm here. And, judging by what's happened so far, you won't disappoint. If you need any more help, don't hesitate to ask.

I also extend my thanks to Will for the invitation and the one on one time so far. Momentum and creative energy are everything in a Play-by-Post or Play-by-Forum campaign, so pace yourself well, and set realistic goals for both the players and yourself.

Ditto Dumptruck. This is my first game on this board and I'm feeling pretty lucky to be in it. Will, you're a great DM.

Hi everyone, sorry for not posting earlier... been a bit busy moving around lately. I want to concur that the prologues are really well done and an extra motivator to keep the high standard that Will has set.

Yeah the thing I am most thankful for is the talent of the players. Thank you all for doing so well and for being game. I hope to keep the energy level up.

Please go to the General Thread in the Administrative Folder for a recent update.



Best part of the prologues: You're the star of the show every single post!

Worst part of the prologues: Rolling two 20's, two 18's, and two 17's all in the same post, at the same time, and no other characters or players will be awed by your unbelieveable skill and prowess.


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