Open Discussion (OOC)

You've got readers to curse your amazing luck.
I mean, really, what's a Ravenloft game without successive natural 1's?

Either a very entertaining game or a very short-lived one...

Or both

One prologue down, 5 to go...

More like one character down...

Heehee. Three done, three to go. The mists are hungry!

What should I (we) do about our equipment? My character wasn't carrying everything on his sheet when bad things happened to him.

Flag the things that are missing with an asterisk (*). I recognize that several of the characters are going to be coming in underequipped or differently equipped (Giles, Regius, and maybe Kyle). I'll figure out a logical way to get you resupplied.

Duhn duhn duhn....The plot thickens...
And so do the mists.


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