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Alright, everyone's done except for the wizard, and she's getting close. Should be in perfect shape to start the show after the new year. With a new baby also arriving imminently, posting may become erratic or non-existent for a few days. I'll try to give fair warning.

If you have feedback on how your prologue wrapped up, feel free to fire away. I'll take the good and bad--after all, this is your game too, I'm just here to enhance the fun

Lots of babies on the way, congrats. Good job with picking up the stories from where they were dropped and moving everyone to a common point. It has been a fun read

And the last prologue finishes up. Welcome to Willowmere, everyone; Chapter 1 of Grim Tide shall begin shortly.

Chapter 1 now in progress. Enjoy!

Yay! Looking forward to finally meeting the others.

Also, my opinion about the prologue:
The Good: smooth transition picking up from where Will left, enough spooky elements to give a taste of what is to come
The Bad: (very minor nitpick) character hooks were perhaps not fully exploited
The Ugly: none

Thanks for the feedback. I do apologize for not latching on with all hooks, but some of them I just couldn't figure out how to tie up in short order without knowing what the original GM intended. And running 6 solo groups is much harder than one sextet, so I was keen to get things together

I would really love to see some elements from my character's prologue play out or be referenced in the main storyline, since obviously with the quick wrap up a lot of questions went unanswered. Other than that though, you did an excellent job picking up the storyline and moving it forward.

I do intend to tie in some of those things. My pseudo-line-of-thinking runs that each of the intrigues is somehow tied to the demiplane, and finding/solving them may be your only hope of escape...

Happy New Year to
those on GMT as well as those before/after it

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