Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep [3.5]

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Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep [3.5]

Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
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Come all you mast-heads,
Come all you harpooneers,
Sing out for him, well
My order shall be clear
All you mast-headers
You've heard these words before
It's your blood money
This broad bright ounce of gold

Demons and Wizards, Beneath These Waves
"I have love of a lady who lives on the land
But my life with the mermaid is ever so grand.
Would you go to my lady and ask her for me,
May I marry this mermaid that lives in the sea?"
And that was the story she heard from the crew.
Her tears, there were many, her choices were few.
She went down to the sea, the ships bell to ring
And this is the song that she was heard to sing...

Excerpt from Captain Jack and the Mermaid

Criminals. Pirates. Sailors. Youth.
Whatever your reason, you find yourself on the ship Golden Voyage, a young hopeful out on the seas for their very first time. The sailing has been smooth going all the way, accompanying the accomplished Captain Jack on a standard trading run to Zeritas, to the far north. Black stormclouds have began to gather over the sea, however, impeding the trade route's path...

I am really not sure how to present this game. This will be a sea-based campaign primarily, with twists and turns, and heavy influence drawn from metal music, Gaelic folk songs, a number of novels, and my own twisted imagination. The two songs above are heavy influence for this game, which I hope I can do justice as it rolls around in my skull.

I have already tried this game once, but it failed due to my inability to cope with the classes - primarily because everyone was making their own, and I couldn't hope to manage to balance 20+ classes at the same time, even with help. So here it is, Attempt 2 at Beneath These Waves You'll Sleep, set in the ocean-dominated world of Aalia.

Character Creation
Level: 1, 0 Experience
Wealth: 500 gold pieces
Stats: 36 point buy.

Flaws/Traits: One Flaw, One Trait. That's it.
Level Adjustment: +2 Maximum, no Lolth-Touched, Half-Minotaur, etc. LA Buyoff Is In Effect
Number of Players: We'll start with 4. I work best with smaller groups. I'd limit it to 3, but a 1st level game that isn't gestalt doesn't work with that few.
Races: All races use the Human Aging Chart to cut down on headache. No Aquatic Races, nor any race that can breathe water.
Class Skills: Pick a number of class skills equal to (Your Class Skill Points)+(Your INT mod)+3 as class skills. Make sure these are the only skills on your sheet.
Deities: There is a custom pantheon in the Setting subfolder. Take a look.
Deadline: September 20th, 11:59 P.M. -6:00 GMT. That's 8 days, bordering on nine.

The Rule Is: Moderate Optimization. Early entry tricks that make sense from a logical standpoint (not a twisted interpretation of written rules), maxing out your save DCs, doing good damage and not being superfluous when compared to a caster, etc. Every class has its role.

Final thing: I'm not afraid to take advantage of either Rule 0, or Rule of Cool. You shouldn't be afraid to take advantage of either. DMs are final arbiters, but we're not the enemy. Don't treat us as such. (A thing I've been guilty of a time or two in the past.)

I cast irresistable phantasmal killer as a 4th level spell. No save, just die.

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I'm in a pirate game in RL so this sounds like fun. May I play a swordsage that uses a homebrewed disipline that deals with water and such?

Question. If I want to play plain Human, wouldn't that mean I am at a disadvantage since I others might take templates and have a class level, while I only a class level?

Also, what is your take on a Bard/Warblade with the Feats "Song of the White Raven" and "Snowflake Wardance"?

You won't be disadvantaged for very long. Remember that they'll take longer to level up, so you'll be getting class levels quite faster than they will (You'll be level 3 before an LA +1 gets their 2nd class level, and level 4 before an LA +2 does).

Also, include book and page numbers when you're asking for things. I'm not searching through every book for it. Song of the White Raven seems fine, though.

Okay, I am interested. I am not super at optimization, however, so if how good we are at optimizing is one of the factors for getting in, I will probably be at a disadvantage.

I'm willing to help with optimization, so don't worry too much about it. Just tell me what you want, provide some stuff, and I'll help you with the numbers.

Ulfheoinn Skarl "Ravid Wolf son of the Raven"
Crusader of Cor
Lawful Neutral

Appearance: Clad in the skins of bears and wolves, linked together with thick lengths of chain; silvered hair, and glowering bestial red eyes. To look upon the man one could see madness personified. His type the natives; the true natives of Illansiuk were a rarity. Almost as feared as the psions that called that region home. Ulfheoinn was a perfect example of this; silent and brooding, standing two heads above the tallest of men. Etched upon his hard face was a bestial fury that could only be contained with his gentle, intelligent eyes. Two orbs of ice blue, holding tales of pain and anguish, the fuel for his berserker fury.
Personality: It would be hard to write off Ulfheoinn as without personality; he like any animal holds a distinctive set of traits that set him apart from any other. Though his silence gets to be a bit of a problem when dealing with anyone; a trait that is less a stoic lacking in manners, and more a personal weakness and insecurity over his grasp of the common language. In many ways he is more bear than man, keeping his own personal den and holding a rather lackadaisical approach to the chores of the day. He much like a bear prefers strong flavors, whether sweet, spicy, sour, or salty. Though silent he is rather a pleasant person to be around; his natural musk acts to attract those who have a nose for animals, and his massive frame with his rather gentle nature seem to make him somewhat of a gentle giant.

These traits are very, very much changed in combat or when he is frustrated. Though Ulfheoinn communicates normally with gestures and grunts, when angry; a rare though momentous occasion, his screams of fury could shake the courage of any mortal man. Rumors abound about the extent of it; though the truth is most common sailors haunts have blacklisted him due to the incredible damage he has wrought upon both patron and bar alike in a fit of rage.

Poetic Excerpt: Book of The Skaldr
Wearing the skins of the bear; the pelts of the wolves, Cor's holy warriors.
Howling fury, sons born unto the valkyrja.
Stand against and above; the chosen einherjar.
Entrusted the gift of berserkrgam; they live with a blood lust incomparable.

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Snowflake Wardance - Frostburn, page 50.

Originally Posted by RogueJedi View Post
Ulfheoinn Skarl
Crusader of Odin
Shifter - Beasthide And Wild Hunt

"A mortal to be sure; but it's the mortals who make history. The All Father smiles upon those who die gloriously; for it is we who sit with Him in Valhalla!"
Bolded part is a no. Custom pantheon in use, Odin holds no sway in Aalia.

Originally Posted by Kommissar Engel View Post
Snowflake Wardance - Frostburn, page 50.
Snowflake Wardance is a go.

The question now is whether to start as a Bard or as a Warblade...

Meat Shield or Buffer...


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