Knives in the Night

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Knives in the Night

Knives in the Night - Forum
World of Darkness
Estimated Members Requested: 4

[Game Explanation]
This nWoD chronicle will be a Vampire game, focusing heavily on politics. The characters will work their way through Kindred politics, and dealing with the consequences of their actions.

[Game Master(s)]

[Allowed Books]
nWoD Core, Vampire the Requiem Core, Armory, Advanced Armory. Anything else is on a case-by-case basis.

[Application Process]
Post your FINISHED sheets, along with the works. Backstories are to be as detailed as possible, and a well-written one may earn you extra XP. The characters will be Ancillae, with an additional 30 XP at character creation.

This chronicle will be set in Carlton City, a fictional metropolis in California. More info is on the game forum.

Due Date is October 10th, 2009

Game Description:

In Carlton City, California, politics are everything to the undead. The power structure is constantly shifting, with alliances and battle-lines being redesigned every night. Here, a single mis-spoken word at court can be turned into an excuse for genocide. Here, paranoia is an asset. Here, if you're not using someone, you're being used by someone.

And it is here that four Kindred find themselves, ready to claw their way to the top. It's a cut-throat world in Carlton City, with every single step one takes, every single breath a Kindred fakes, every single night they rise all bearing consequences.

Octavian, you know that I'm interested.

Here is my character sheet, except for the backstory:
Ichiro Nomuri

Once the backstory is done, I'll add it to the "Other Notes" section of the character sheet.

Looks good, Tyriok.

Everyone else, hope this catches your attention, and I'm hoping to have a hard time picking who to accept. Those are ALWAYS good games.


Sending a PM to you regarding personal character development questions.

Name: Magnus Fortune (Not his mortal name)
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Age: Unknown, though certainly Embraced in the 1890s
Sire: Henry Cabot (truly dead)


Father Magnus Fortune no longer remembers what it was truly like to be human. Sometimes he thinks he might have liked music as a child. He also suspects his parents might have been good to him because he can clearly remember missing them once upon a time. But Father Magnus was Embraced in 1896 and he has already entered torpor once during the eighties. Even his human name has slipped his mind, though he knows it was certainly a Biblical name. Magnus was always a vampire of faith, even when he wasn’t one.

He remembers the 17th of March 1901 quite clearly though. He had been a vampire for 5 years, one of the ugliest. Constantly wandering from domain to domain, if he was lucky enough to recognize one, his first few years were pitiful. Some Kindred would treat him weary respect, most refused to even remain around him. His hands were clawed and bestial, his hairless head, resembled that of an albino dragon, and speech was an upward battle. He was even attacked a few times by his own kind by accident. Often, all he could do to survive was feed on strangers and the homeless.

But everything changed March, 17th 1901. Skulking in an empty warehouse somewhere near Chicago, he was feeding on a dog when they found him. The Lance and the Sanctum. The young vampire, not yet Magnus, found himself surrounded by strangers. They were like ghosts, he thought. He had not heard the entrance of these pale beings, surely they were ghosts. One stepped forward, face like an angel, her hair like his memory of sunrise.

As she knelt to touch him, he pulled back, afraid. He knew what diablerie was. Perhaps genuinely hearing his thoughts, she smiled and weeping tears of blood, she cried, “Someone so beautiful should not be so afraid.”

That March 17th, he was lead to a parish where he was clothed and brought a healthy human to feed from. Not once did anyone look upon with him with disdain or demand he sit further away from him. Two Kindred stopped to admire his face. Not abhor or even study, but sincerely admire. When he saw the sunset woman, his first sentence since he had been brought there was, “Why do they look at me like this?”

Thus he was introduced to the Testament of Longinus. Learned that his condition was not merely a curse, but a reminder of God’s truth. Daeva and Ventrue may paint over His truth with lies that suited them, but blood from Christ himself has marked the Sanctified. Then it was the young Kindred who wept.

Many decades later, upon entering the clergy, he would understand the events surrounding his conversion was partially staged, but no less genuine. His will now belonged wholly to the Sanctified.

Inside the Parish

A hundred years after becoming Sanctified, that Nosferatu has a new name and even a title. Father Fortune resides in the Carlton City parish, sleeping during the day and tending each midnight mass. Though he has been anointed a priest, he is explicitly forbidden to hold mass himself. An Inquisitor must be seen solely as an instrument of God’s wrath, not his mercy. Only clergymen may even directly address the Inquisitor without inviting punishment, though Magnus still wears the white vestments per his station.

Father Fortune’s room is cold but not barren. He no longer bears any love for the modern world, but Magnus still collects old vinyl records that he often plays when he is alone in his room. He is not lonely, for a cross bearing the Lord’s broken body keeps him company and every night when he is allowed peace, Magnus sharpens his gladius and tends to his armor and vestments, both the white and the black. When he is satisfied, he studies the testaments, often speaking the words aloud to himself.

Outside the Parish

Traditionally, the Inquisitor is only summoned to deal with covenant issues. A wayward neonate, a treacherous ancilla, a Sanctified breaking tradition, these are the foes Father Fortune is usually called upon to punish. Often, he is known to question and even confine those who may or may not hold valuable information. He has no qualms to interrogating vampires, humans, and even ghouls through violent means, in fact, he has gained reputation for rarely turning up a false lead when applying his methods. After all, an Inquisitor must be as competent an investigator as any Prince’s Sheriff.

Recently however, Father Fortune has been commanded to directly aid the Invictus and Ordo Dracul in their war against the more blatant heretics in Carlton City. Magnus has no objections.

Character Notes:

- As per the fourth canon of Longinus, Father Inquisitor Magnus Fortune has no childer or ghouls. he relies on his covenant status for creature comforts.

-Father Fortune follows the Monachal Creed, which is the Catholic interpretation of the Testament of Longinus. For the curious, there is also the Westminster Creed (A Protestant intepretation), the Tollison Creed (Pentecostal), the Iblic Creed (Islamic), the Dammitic Creed (Judaism) and the Exotheist Creed. The Exotheists are interesting in that they believe that the Sanctified should use their own unique rites instead of simply bastardizing other religions.

-He likes to pepper his dialogue with quotes from all three testaments.

-As an anointed priest, Magnus can perform rites if requested.

-Father Fortune is actually quite kind and considerate when not performing his duties. Before coming to Carlton City, he even observed Kindred weddings as a priest.


Wow. I'm....Not a whole lot that I can say about that, Judge. It's.....


EDIT: Madmal, since I don't have access to any other bloodlines than those in the Core Rulebook, if you can PM me a detailed description of your requested bloodline, then I'll see about it.

Thanks. The only problem is that the Lancea Sanctum sourcebook states that Lancea Sanctum m means 'sanctuary of the lance'. The Requiem for Rome setting has them as Lancea et Sanctum, specifcall translating as 'The lance and the sanctum'. If I end up using different translation througout, blame White Wolf and the inpermeability of organized faith.

Eh, no problem.

I can already think of some realllllly good plot hooks here.

[Cue psychotic ST laughter.]


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