There's No Place Like Home [Leonidas1789, bucheonman, Maurkov, bzipser, Toliudar]

A large young man with bowl cut straight black hair is drinking wine from a large goblet which he drains and puts down on the table before rising to greet the newcomers.

"Welcome!", he says.

He hits his chest with his fist as he continues, "I'm Karn. I fight."

He hold his fists up and clenches them, "With these"

Then he laughs and gestures to the empty chairs, "Join us. We are waiting to hear what out host has in store for us this time."

The young man looks fat as first glance, and second glance for that matter. But, as you see him move, you can understand that under that layer of fat is muscle. He moves with a grace and speed that is surprising for of his size. He wears no armor, just standard, loose clothing and carries no obvious weapons.


Beside Karn is a young man with shaggy brown hair. He's wearing a cheap shirt, almost clean. He turns his pale blue eyes to the newcomers, sits up a little, and gives a wan but sincere smile.

Brynna sits down and nods to the others, the friendly one with the wine, the quiet one, and the others. She says quietly, "I am Brynna." She waits nervously, unconsciously nibbling on a fingernail.

Seated off by herself at the far end of the table is a lanky woman in leather, her auburn hair pulled back in a loose braid, revealing slightly pointed ears. She nods to the newcomers, looking over them with keen green eyes, though her expression remains stoic.

Tobie stands for a few seconds, looking around the table and nodding at those that introduce themselves. Rememberize the faces. Yer life might depend on it. She finally sat at the end of the bench, straddling it as she had before and facing the group. I'm Tobie she told them simply. It was up to the halfling if she would expose any more than that.

The fresh-faced young Wyngrad stood nearly 6 feet tall, armed with breastplate armour, a shield, and a huge bastard sword strapped to his back.

I'm Wyngrad, as he offers a handshake to any that will take it. He is surprisingly soft-spoken.

He seems ready to say something else, but can't find the words other than introducing himself.

Astaban nods to the newcomers, extends his hand, and says, "I'm Astaban, pleased to meet you."

He sits down towards the middle of the bench.


The dwarf looks around at the others as they introduce themselves. He grunts and nods in greeting. "Eberhart."

As the introductions wind down, the door opens and the black-robed, hooded man with whom many of you are familiar sweeps into the room. His pace seems unusually hurried, and he begins to speak almost before he seats himself at the head of the table. His sonorous voice has a hint of something strange as well--irritation, perhaps, or worry?

"We have two problems to deal with. The six of you have performed admirably in securing the Merui mine for our use, but we can't send you in two directions at once even if your skills would have value both here and abroad. So we have brought you some help." He briefly indicates Brynna, Eberhart, and Tobie. "So, let us lay it out for you, and then you can ask questions."

His hooded gaze shifts over to Sofia. "This necromancer that Sikhandyn was sent to track appears more dangerous than we first suspected. Our wizard has been captured, and while Annette was able to escape she reports that the rest of the team was slain. We have reached the end of our patience with this... competitor." He pauses for a long moment before continuing. "Additionally, it appears this dark wizard's work is being used by the imperials as an excuse to imprison certain priestesses."

He then focuses in on Astaban. "Your discovery of the various coins within the mine leads us to believe that the West Merui company may have... connections with the Astan government that need to be explored. The difficulty is, the principles are behind war lines. A stealthy approach is needed to travel overland and penetrate first the battlefield, and then the trading company."

The hood turns from side to side, taking in all nine job-seekers before summing up. "For the local mission, strength and magical power will be needed, along with the faith to brave this necromancer's undead creations and the cunning to track his movements and plans: Sofia, Blake, Brynna, Wyngrad, and Eberhart, this seems to suit you. The longer trip requires those who travel light and can remain relatively unnoticed: Astaban, Layna, Tobie, and Karn, the task appears to play to your strengths."

There is another pause, and the robed arms fold tightly across the boss's chest. "Any questions?


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