There's No Place Like Home [Leonidas1789, bucheonman, Maurkov, bzipser, Toliudar]

Wyngrad expresses
If there are no objections
interest in the breastplate, trying it on to see if it fits.

He drops the magical two-handed sword into the party treasury. He has no interest in a sword he can not wield well.

Wyngrad takes his hard-earned winnings and heads out to see his family.

Karn smiles when he looks in the bag and puts it away. 'Looks like I'll be able to help Uncle some more', he thinks.

On hearing Layna's comment, he laughs, "Win or lose, that would be a fun contest, right?"

"Cover story, yeah', Karn says thinking, "We'll need one of them."

"Hmmmm ... Want to be something that would keep us from being forced to pay taxes, since we can't skip towns this time. hmmmm ... We don't really look like merchants, not us four."

"You don't need cover stories in the woods, but one thing does hold. You have to be able to fit into your surroundings. I just don't fit too well in cities," Layna says with a wrinkle of her nose.

"Astaban and Karn are right, we need something more plausible than outright telling the truth, that's for sure."

Wyngrad slips out when able to, heading to his family house. He is relieved to find out the family business is still open.

Upon seeing his mother, he almost shields himself, getting ready to get smacked by her. Before she can freak out at him, he hands her the
The whole sack
sack of coins with a
The gems I found
little extra inside.

Originally Posted by bzipser View Post
She turns to the hooded man and says, "On this necromancer, do we have any clues as to where we should start looking? You said he was close. Here in Astan? Are there any clues as to how we can find him? And can we get some holy water, at least, to help against anything he has called up?"
Brynna speaks up as he turns to leave and says, "But I didn't get answers to my questions, please."

Oops, sorry!

The hood turns towards Brynna on his way out. "Oh, yes. The last information we have is that he operates east and somewhat north of Astangard. His minions seem to have a wide span of influence, though--from Stony Ford all the way south to here. One of our contacts, Annette, is presently resting in Sen's Mill and should be able to help you with the location part. As for holy water, priestesses of Elawyr are somewhat scarce on account of the imperial inquisition... but that is why we have assigned Sofia to your team." One cowled sleeve drifts over in the direction of the fiery-haired priestess.

Sofia, surprised by the sudden attention, greets her new companions' eyes with a gentle smile and a quick nod.

Astaban nods at Karn's words, and adds, "That's true, and given the current situation, we need to come up with something that will be convincing. My guess is that they may not take well to... er, um, foreigners in their midst."

He pauses for a second, and then adds, "While I don't know if the Merui tax collectors are as... zealous... as their counterparts here, it is certainly something to consider."

"Astan's army and his tax collectors have been pushing east, and from the way it was sounding, they may already be in River Forge. Last I heard they were pushing hard to conquer Aetan,," Layna says. Looking at Karn, Astaban, and Tobie she asks "Do any of you know where River Forge is? No matter what we could really use some more maps."

"The Wildwood stretches from the Sudren lands north into Merui. The Sudren people are rather accustomed to seeing elves and half-elves, especially near the forests. My village was about an equal mix of half elves and humans," she explains nostalgically, a smile creeping across her face. "My elven cousins seldom left the forest, but it was hardly unheard of to see them in the village. Not like here.... where I try and avoid public places" she explains, a scowl coming to her face.

"Anyway, I'd expect the Merui people to a be a bit more tolerant of those of non-human descent, at least in the areas near the northern reaches of the Wildwood," Layna says, turning to agree with Astaban, "But better to try and avoid notice, all the same."

"As for those tax collectors, I can't speak to the eagerness of the Merui collectors, but if it's anything like what happened in the Sudren lands, once the army moves through the locals who take jobs as tax collectors for Astan were if anything more zealous than the Astan collectors."

We could jus' be peoples what lost everthin' here an' lookin' fer a new place ta start over, Tobie suggested with a shrug. Me an' Layna's both woodsfolks. We coulda picked up th' guys on th' road summairs...

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