The Path to Redemption

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The Path to Redemption

Redemption - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Applications forms and explanations of expectations

Let me say that first of all you will be playing characters that are seeking redemption for past crimes.

The game is going to be dedicated roleplay. You will have to prove to both god and mortal that you no longer are evil. That means that character development will be key too the game.

That being said you will be judged solely on the depth and quality of your history, personality, and sins. Sins are of course the evil acts that you commit. These will figure heavily on the path of redemption of course.

One more thing to remember. You were originally evil that means at some point something happened to turn you good. I expect it to be something profound for the character no matter how how small it is. Again the better quality grant you a better shot at being accepted.

Applications will be put in the game forum.

Looking for six characters. Once I find six I really like I'll close it.


Alignment: Must be good

Race: I'm allowing monster classes. More on that below

Class: Starting level 5 standard gold. I'm doing gestalt to allow for monster classes. Intelligent monsters only. No dragons.

Physical description: Put as little or as much as you feel comfortable here. I'm not too concerned.

Personality: Creativity and depth are what will get you in. I don't expect two pages, but I do expect to see a well thought out character. After all the game is going revolve around the character's spiritual journey.

History: Same as above only I expect some kind of momentous event to change your character from evil to good. Such a pronounced change doesn't come without a life changing event.

Sins: Creativity is really encouraged here. I'm not looking for one or two word sins I'm looking for three or four defining sins.
While I certainly wouldn't mind sins revolving around the christian sins I'd like to see creativity.

Example: Sierra the dread necromancer- Instead of saying raising the dead and slaying good aligned people I'd like: Because of the loss of her sister she has turned to necromancy to revive her sister. In that process she has raised a number of undead using black arts in a misguided attempt to raise her sister from the dead and take vengeance on the man that ruthlessly killed her sister. Due to the practice of necromancy several clerics and a paladin have been sent to subdue her. Using her powers as well as her ability to portray herself as something less threatening. She has slain those whom seek to bring her to justice.

Again creativity is encouraged but it needs to fit the person.


Finally we get to the crunch.

Roll in forum: 5d6v2r1 Don't worry about stats too much as the focus won't be on fighting.

HP: Max as I don't want you to die from an errant hit..

Books: Any save setting books like sandstorm or Faerun.

Anything I missed feel free to ask.


Game Description:

For whatever reason you have seen the light from the deepest depths of the inky blackness. Now with the help of those whom can see past flesh you seek redemption in the eyes of mortals and gods alike. Whatever the reason you decided to seek the light in your heart it will be a difficult journey into the depths of the soul. One that most could not make.

Temptation lies everywhere and enemies that want to drag your soul down to the dark abyss are many. Still you walk the twisting and narrow path towards the light, knowing that your greatest enemy isn't one you can ever escape. It's the bloodlust that aches on your weapon, the deceit that lays on the back of the tongue, it's plots that form in the back of your mind.

You have changed for the better, yet can you prove that the change is permanent. Yet are you truly changed or will the shadows of your past swallow your soul once more?

What happens when there are no wonders to be seen?
What happens when the poet cannot dream?

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I'm going to ask an obvious question. If the game is about redemtion, why do we already start off as heroes?

You aren't heroes. In fact you are likely to be shunned if you can't blend in well. That being said are you talking about the alignment restrictions?

It's not that you are heroes because you are good. You've embraced the light, though you still have to prove yourself to both men and gods that you have truly accepted good.

Is Tome of Battle allowed?

Also, I'm going to assume that a monstrous race chosen needs to have less than 5 LA and HD combined? What about the monstrous progressions outlined in Savage Species?

[edit]Also, given the standards of this game, what about templates and races that are ordinarily 'always evil/good,' like half-fiend?

One last question: Ordinarily, LA applies to both sides of gestalt, but you specifically saying that Gestalt is being used to encourage monsters, does that imply that LA only applies to one side?

The monster races are going to be used as in the savage species. As for tome of battle sure why not.

Edit: Only one class from the tome of battle though.

Originally Posted by Divinedragonslayer View Post
Edit: Only one class from the tome of battle though.
Are you saying that just a single class is available, or saying don't be a cheese and apply with a Warblade 5 // Swordsage 5?

If I take a template or race with an LA+HD (Like Drow) of less than 5, does it go on only one side of the gestalt?

Editor's note: I am not planning on taking drow, seeing as playing a dark elf attempting to overcome past sin and redeem himself in the eyes of others has been covered quite well already.

Everything would go on the same side. There would be times where you wouldn't get HD from being a drow though.


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