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Deathlands - d20 Apocalypse

Deathlands - D20 Apocalypse - Forum
D20 Modern
Estimated Members Requested: 6

So, how would you like to be you, if the world were to end?

I imagine you wouldn't, at least not in a post-apocalyptic nightmare world. C'mon though, I know a bunch of you are raring to pit yourselves against the worst I have to offer.

A mystery plague with no logic to its effects. Mutations affecting those around you, seemingly without cause. Being one of the few humans left as survivors on a broken world that has become almost completely empty.

What happened? Are you alone? Are there others out there? Are there explanations? Will you have the opportunity to explore any of these questions when you're not spending your time surviving?

We'll see. Together. Because that's all that we can really do now, isn't it? It's just you, me, and us against the end of the world.

Bring your A game.

Game Description:

STORYOn the morning of January 20, 2008 the Cold War ended. Not because of peace or conquest, but for a very horrifying reason. Numbers are sketchy, but local communities estimate that on that fateful morning, almost everyone just... died. Instantly, with no suffering. No cause of death could be found, not that there was an extensive search during the mass hysteria following. A good many of those who hadn't died outright began to change, although many were driven off before these changes could threaten any of the survivors. The rest of the world was left to take what was left and try to survive.

GAME MASTERI'm Aiden. I've been doing a fair bit of PC gaming on here, mostly with D&D 3.5e, but I've been branching out with Star Wars Saga and d20. I've DMed a bunch of games in real life, and am looking forward to DMing something interesting on here too! Looking forward to working with some awesome players! :3

CHARACTER CREATIONBooks Permitted: d20 Modern, d20 Apocalypse
Books Tentatively Permitted: d20 Future, d20 Weapons Locker
Level: 1 - You've been a survivor for a little while, maybe a year. You live in what now passes for the city of New Arconia, which is essentially in a physical location similar to Arizona.
Ability Points: 6m5d6v2 or 35 point buy. If roll is below 35 point buy, use 35 point buy instead. You can swap out a higher point buy valued roll for a 35 point buy that you have control over, but no bonuses are received due to the high value of a roll.
Wealth: (4d10 + Wealth Bonus from Profession) * 2 TUs (Must all be spent at character creation or lost. Please familiarize yourself with the TU system in d20 Apocalypse.)
HP: Full HP at Level 1.
Technology Level: Effectively PL 5

- Any equipment that would be considered Military grade in the d20 System is not permitted at first level, nor are heavy weapons.
- Cash is mildly flexible if you can make a case for it. If you want a car but don't have enough cash to afford it, I will touch base with you on this and figure stuff out.
- Windfall is not permitted. The Profession skill has no effect in this world. Characters do not gain wealth increases at level-up.
- I'm very much against Mutations at this point, at least at first level.
- I have no intention of including mystical powers of any kind at this stage.
- I'm open to a lot of things, if even for the sake of character, just ask first. As things need to be added to the game description, I will add them.
- Please keep in mind that the more I have to work to believe that your character is an average person who just happened to survive the disaster, the less likely you are to be accepted. Keep this in mind with all aspects of the character, including what they posess, how they act, and what powers they have.

GAME DETAILSPlayers: 5-6
Application Due Date: 6:00pm EST, October 11th, 2009
As per MythWeaver's rules, all rolling is to be done in the Roll Thread. Please post all applications in the Application Thread.
Feel free to ask any questions about the game or the character creation process here.

APPLICATIONSMake sure you include the following:
  • PERSONALITY - How do you respond to your environment? People? Animals? Stress? The cataclysm?
  • APPEARANCE - How do you look? What do you wear? Is your hair messy? Are your eyes crooked?
  • HISTORY - What's your life been like so far? How did it change when everyone up and died? How have you coped?
  • POSITIVES - What makes you a valuable addition to a group? What are your skills?
  • NEGATIVES - What makes you a pain in the butt to deal with? What quirks or bad habits do you have? I want at least one from everybody.
  • THE INFO - All the pertinent details. Character sheet and anything else you find pertinent.

Current Applications:
Legend: CS = Character Sheet, P = Personality, A = Appearance, H = History, (+) = Positives, (-) = Negatives
What is listed in each status is what each applicant still needs to fill out!

akela122301 - Justin Sampson - Fast / Adventurer - STATUS: Application completed.
Mariel - Annabelle Jackson - Smart / Rural - STATUS: Application completed.
Crossroad - Jeremiah Rook - Smart / Entrepreneur - STATUS: Application completed.
The Taio Show - Leo Rook - Dedicated / EMS - STATUS: Application completed.
ShadowStalker - Alexander 'Zander' Carlen Hughes - Fast / Adventurer - STATUS: Application completed.
assassinodechristo - Barsidius Jack - Fast / Blue Collar - STATUS: Application completed.
nighthawk07 - Aaron Carlson - Strong / Athlete - STATUS: Application completed.
Zeruel - Ethan Cross - Fast / Adventurer - STATUS: Application completed.
Solar Burner - Cooper Blackland - Fast / Athlete - STATUS: Application completed.
Golden_Crow - Damien Winters - Smart / Unknown - STATUS: Application completed.
triarchic - Mouse? - Unknown - STATUS: Application completed.

Completed Applications: 9

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Maybe..., let me think on it, if I have time for the game.

Crossroad: Right now, I can either go Full-Medic or Full-Egg Head. Would you mind terrible if I took the Medic route, or would you much rather it? I'm cool with going either direction. Also, if you want to cook up a shared background, maybe the DM wouldn't mind it? I always enjoying having fun little things like that involved in my character building.

Taio: I was going for Medic since usually people don't want to make one, and that I had been experimenting with Dedicated and found the experience okay. So, if you are willing to go for Medic, you've got my blessings. I'm definitely more of an egghead.

What kind of shared background, anyway? Let's go for PMs if we want to discuss this.

Aiden: How strict are you with ammunition and medicines? Can we create shell casings with a mechanical part, thus can create ammo whether or not we have the correct casings? Is medical and surgery kits still considered unlimited use? Would you also include pharmaceutical and chemical parts in the game? Have we descended to using the weapons listed on the Apocalypse, or are they still considered Exotic?

I don't mind you doing your thing as a medic! I was just going to dabble in medicine and mechanical. I was thinking a rural type, like a farm hand or something. Either way, I'll be back on Sun night. Later Crossroad.

Crossroad: I will go Medic, then! I've always enjoyed the role in a couple other games, so this'll work fine for me. PM Incoming.

Taio: PM returned.

Aiden: That image up top is misleading. I had thought we're gonna have something like the scenes of I Am Legend movie, with skyscrapers all around. And then I googled Arizona and got a lot of desert and wilderness images.

Originally Posted by Crossroad View Post
Aiden: That image up top is misleading. I had thought we're gonna have something like the scenes of I Am Legend movie, with skyscrapers all around. And then I googled Arizona and got a lot of desert and wilderness images.

Perhaps it's a bit AU? I mean... this is set with the Cold War ending in 2008. Not sure what Cold War, or who this Cold War is with.

I mean... this is discounting the Second Civil War, you know the Invisible one, so who knows? haha

akela122301: I will permit an ex-military type most definitely. He would have access to a slightly wider arsenal, but he would need to be able to afford them.

Crossroad: You raise an excellent point. I will allow select stuff from d20 Future and other books on a case-by-case basis. Feats are more likely to be approved. Like I said, I'm flexible.

I'll be somewhat flexible with ammo and medicines, but I'd need a little more than just 'building ammo'. Unless you have something like a musket (which you can just use lead balls for), you'd need something of a press or equipment to produce ammo. I'll give you opportunities to come across factories or facilities where this equipment can be found, however. I'm pretty sure there are rules in d20 Apocalypse that cover the medical / surgery kits, however, but I'll need to confirm this.

The weapons in apocalypse? You mean the apocalypse only weapons? We certainly haven't devolved that far yet. Good of you to point that out. I'll review them and get back to you officially on that one.

And the image isn't that misleading. The physical terrain and environment is as Arizona, but you are starting out in a city (where most survivors will flock). I didn't plop you guys in the middle of the Arizona desert to start.

Solar Burner: The bonus to wealth role would be from your occupation only, in theory. You do not get to roll 2d4 and add your occupation roll, then add it to 4d10.

The Taio Show: Shared backgrounds are absolutely acceptable. Keep in mind that rolling in the game ad thread, even in private tags, is inadvisable. Also, please keep in mind that you don't get an extra 2d4 to your wealth bonus, as per my mention to Solar Burner. I'll make sure the game description is updated as such.

Aiden: Apocalypse lists an ammunition kit as one of its equipment.
Anyway, what I mean about the kits is about the consumables. The two main craft skills have parts to solve that, but what about gauze, alcohol, salves, tablets, or even suppositories?

There is a Reliability section on the equipments, making items break down on a natural 1. I guess it could be said as running out of supplies too... But then, how do you Repair a medical or surgical kit? Which is why I ask about pharmaceutical parts, and whether the rest of the Craft skills will have parts too.


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