Going Away for Awhile [Merlana, Gauss, mzipser, MzNurse, ShadowRidley]

Going Away for Awhile [Merlana, Gauss, mzipser, MzNurse, ShadowRidley]

One of the two large men in the hall silently opens the door, allowing the four of you to move into the somewhat smaller (but equally private) room across the hall. It is similarly decorated, which is to say that there's nothing on the walls and only a simple table and chairs in the middle of the muffled wooden floor. The big man smiles briefly before closing the door behind you.

Karn sits, drinks, and says, "Well. Looks like we need to settle on a cover story. Then we just need to figure out what we may need for this little trip. That may be tricky since we really don't know what we're going to run up against."

Astaban nods his head in agreement at Karn's words.

He says, "I agree, a cover story, consistent with our assignment, and perhaps multiple cover stories, if we are required to travel extensively within the Merui lands. I also think that we should prepare for both travel in the city and travel between cities."

He pauses for a second, then adds, "Having someone who has recently been in the Merui lands would help quite a bit, as well."

Karn shrugs, "Not me"

Tobie shrugged. Never heared a the place afore now. And I still think the bunch a people what met up on the road lookin' fer work is the best 'un. As fer armor... she looked at Astaban. Who's ta say ya wa'ant a town guard fer one a them towns what don't exist no more cuz they been taxed out? She looked at them thoughtfully, as if making a major decision. Slowly and carefully she pulls a holy symbol of her earthen god out of her shirt, where it hangs suspended on a simple leather string. Fer supplies, I jus' need sum bandages an' sum more herbs 'n such. I ain't learnt ta make no potions yet, so iffen we could nab a couple, that'd help, too. She returned her holy symbol to its hiding place beneath her shirt.

"And it doesn't quite count that we've spent most of the last month in Merui, given that all that we'd seen was some kobolds and a dragon," Layna grins wryly.

"I can get us into Merui easily enough by memory and to River Forge with a map with no trouble. But I'd be a loss in a city."

"Can't say I'd know what to suggest as cover stories, but we probably need multiple. After all, you don't wear the same clothes to blend in in a forest or on open plains, and neither is suitable for a city," she comments with some authority. "Though course, someone needs a better sense than I certainly have as to which story is most appropriate when."

"The band of jobless travelers might work as one story, except that probably would not work with us having horses or many supplies at all. And then what happens if some kind person actually tries to employ us?"

Karn smiles and says, "Well, I know my way around cities and towns pretty well, lived in then all my life. If someone offers us work, we could just say that we are heading to someplace where one of us has relatives and are trying to get there pretty quick. Maybe that could be our cover, we met up in one of them towns that are gone and heard about work with one of our families and are heading there."

He pulls at his chin then says, "As to what I might be needing, well, I don't need much. Food, drink, somewhere to sleep should cover me."

Does we really gotta has horses? Be lesser questions iffen we din't. We really could do th' work fer food thing. Make th' story more b'leevable. I could live us offen the woods whilst we walk thru em. Th' lesser we take wiv us, th' lesser folks is gonna look at us.

Layna shrugs, 'If we go by foot it will take nearly twice as long to get to River Forge. Plover the course of several weeks with limited supplies or gear, mostly living off the land."

"So really depends on what we think we need to take with us and how long we want to take in getting to and from River Forge. Horses they do raise their own issues, questions not the least of them."

"Now where is that map?"

I've been curious about this for some time but it was largely inconsequential until now. What is the climate like in this world (or at least the relevant parts of Sudern, Merui, and Astan)? What is the current season? How long until the season change?
world questions

At that moment, the halfling slips in through the door. "How are the four of you coming? Any issues I can help... elucidate?"

It's mid-autumn now. Over the next month it'll get colder, and in about two it'll start to snow in River Forge (think Pittsburgh). Astangard's a little warmer (Carolinas), and the lands of Sudren warmer still (more like Florida).
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