Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

Both men pause at the intersection, searching high and low for signs of traps or other hazards. For better or for worse, neither finds anything...

"Bah, there ain't nothing here." Raz says, nudging Tamrick as he urges him forward.

"Let's go - and hurry, the ladies of the Queen's Honey ain't getting any younger!"

Since Tamrik hasn't posted, I'm gonna continue here, so as to not hold everyone up...

Finding nothing and deciding to press on, Raz and Tamrik turn the corner, carefully making their way down the path. Just a few meters down the hallway, a small Orc comes running down the path, stopping in the center as he hits the effecitive range of Raz's rock.
Bringing its hands up to its eyes, the creature pauses as it struggles to get its bearings, temporarily dazzled by the bright light...

A smile crosses Raz's face as he pushes his way past Tamrick and leaps on top of the semi-blinded orc.

Flying onto the Orc, you see a dark shape fly at the creature from behind, stabbing it repeatedly with a pair of sharp blades.
Unfortunately for the Orc, you land directly on his head, and as your massive bulk crushes the Orc's skull, a horrid crunch sound echoes from the skull-cavity, a sure sign that the Orc is gone.

Glancing at the figure on top of the Orc, you realize that you've found Garak! The rogue seems none-too-pleased to see you, however, and you greet him with a powerful explosion of odor from your rear. Passing through the Orc's skull on the way out, the foul combination of flatulence and death quickly works its way to the assassin's delicate nose...

"WHAT IS IT WITH YOU PEOPLE! CAN'T ANYONE LEAVE ONE OF THE @#%@ ORCS FOR ME!" Raz says. The priest's eyes crunch a bit as he questions whether or not the last of his rather moist flatulence left a mark.

Garak stands quickly, drawing the wicked blades from the orc in a manner that maximizes the spray of blood. He was sickened by the priest and his odors, so the favor was returned by the scattering of blood and entrails.

"This one needed to die quickly. It had magical talents and snuck up behind me. Unfortunately for him, he decided to run when I convinced him that I would deliver his death. In the end, his deceptive magics provided him with little protection." With that, Garak began searching the orc's body for any loot or information.

The assassin nods in the direction that Raz and Tamrik had been traveling. "There is a trap along this corridor. Around the next corner is a huge orc that is standing guard. Your timing is perfect. Raz, if you want a fight, I can trick him into charging around the corner and right into your arms. I'll gladly give you that fight. You up for it?"

Garak felt like he could defeat the large orc if he were able to strike from behind, but in a fair fight, he would likely be outmatched. With the help of Raz and Tamrik, they could easily win.

"If you travel with me, however, we must proceed with some intelligence, as opposed to Joachim's thoughtless style. Our enemy is not just Zetroc as we first thought. The half-orc Korakk is here leading the orcs." Garak knew that Raz had no clue who either the mage or the half-orc warrior were, but Tamrik knew them both well. "Our enemy is heavily fortified here and they are expecting trouble. If we don't think, we will die and fail."

For the moment, Garak's hatred of Raz was forgotten. It was time for business, and that meant ignoring the man's personality and stench and instead using him for his talents...or capability to create a suitable distraction.

Garak was ruthless and heartless, but one thing could be said about him---he knew how to pick apart an enemy one piece at a time without suffering any harm to himself. Through all the fights in the orc caves so far, Garak had only suffered one wound, which was noticeable by the small trickle of blood seeping out of his armor.

"So... You want me to let you send a rampaging giant orc into my arms?" the priest says, not trusting the Garak in the least.

"You want me to fight, then lead the way. Me and Tamrick will have your back, but sure as hell ain't gonna turn ours to you"

Garak smiled. "So you are wise, Raz."

With that, the assassin turned and headed down the corridor slowly, being sure to avoid the trap and point it out to Raz and Tamrik. He motioned for the two following him to move as quiet as they could, and motioned for them to stop their advance when within twenty feet of the corner.

It was at this point that Garak wanted to proceed alone so he could encourage the huge orc to charge into battle. With his small mirror, Garak carefully peered around the corner.

With a nod, Raz motions for Garak to go... If the assassin had thought about double crossing him, well -- Raz had ways of making the bastard pay.


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