Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

Garak quickly searches the destroyed corpse for anything of use, but other than blood-soaked leather armor and a rusty blade, the Orc's foul body offers nothing of value or interest. With Garak leading the way, the trio carefully moves forward, stepping to the side as the rogue points out the well-hidden trap in the center of the path. Stopping at the corner, you wait as Garak peers around...

Garak carefully puts away his mirror and looks back to make sure Raz and Tamrik are prepared for a battle. He then has a thought. Why should they have a fair fight? Garak motions for Raz and Tamrik to back up beyond the trap and almost to the first corner. He whispered to the others and told them of his new plan.

His plan was to encourage the orc to give chase, and then trick it into stepping on the caltrops with hopes that it will then stagger onto the trap and not only injure itself but also clear out the trap. Once the trap was cleared, the team could wade in to finish off the creature.

If they gave approval, Garak set about his work. He first
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 1 (Total = 15)
inspected the wall behind Raz and Tamrik to make sure there would not be arrows or something else like that coming from the wall when the trap was triggered.

Once he was satisfied with his search, Garak worked on arranging the caltrops, he
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 19 (Total = 33)
inspected the trap to determine what kind it was and what would be damaged if it was triggered.

Once the assassin was finished with the caltrops, he took out a single copper and held it in his hand and prepared to execute the plan.

If everybody is ok with the plan, and there aren't any problems found with the trap, I'll post more so reflect how Garak gets the orc to chase him...hopefully.

"Be the cup for me jewels.." the priest intones, grabbing his crotch as he sends a
Shield of Faith
protective energy over himself.

Taking a hit from his holy water, he prepares for the fun that is about to start.

Inspecting the trap and the surrounding walls, it seems to be a simple arrow-trap, with small slits in the opposite walls near the trap providing the point of attack. Set into the rock, however, the slits are nearly impossible to find, unless one knows where to look...

Placing the bag of caltrops just between the trap and the intersection, Garak takes a few steps back to inspect his handiwork...

Once the caltrops are properly set, Garak smiles. They were heavily placed about two feet before the arrow trap and continued along the side that was not trapped. The rogue looked at the span of caltrops and knew he could easily leap over them. There was one final trick up his sleeve that would hopefully surprise his opponent. With the copper coin covered completely by his hands, Garak cast a darkness spell on it.

With everything in place, Garak slowly approached the corner again. He used his mirror to verify the orc's position. If the orc remained where he was, the assassin stepped slightly into view of the orc.

"I was thinking. You smell like an elf. Was your whore of a mother an elf? Anyway, I have decided to kill you after all...that is if you're actually able to swing that stick of yours. But first, let's see how fast you are."

His words were spoken with a tone that was full of evil and hate. Garak was not entirely stupid though. As soon as the orc began to move, he started his own run down the tunnel towards the trap. The rogue's ears were kept sharp to the sounds the orc was making behind him.

Garak hoped the orc would run after him. If so, he planned on dropping the darkness coin about ten feet before the trap so the darkness would cover the tunnel right up to the trap. He knew the orc was probably aware of the trap, but wouldn't know about the caltrops, some of which would be obscured by the darkness. If the plan went as hoped, Garak would
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 16 (Total = 28)
jump over the caltrops and run towards Raz and Tamrik. When he heard the sound of the trap activating, he would call for his allies to charge into battle.

A ball of black misty energy emanating from your hand, you step out into the tunnel, calling out to the large Orc guarding the pass. Uncrossing its arms, the Orc's eyes flare with hate, and its hand quickly goes for the blade at its waist.

"An Elf?!"
the creature replies indignantly.
"Now you die!" the Orc roars, charging down the tunnel after the quick-moving and sharp-tongued rogue.

Turning at the intersection, you drop your darkness-enveloped coin, and easily leap over the trap and caltrops in your path. The Orc, turning the corner shortly after Garak, sees straight through the thick cloud of blackness, its well-tuned eyes having not problem adjusting to the change in lighting. Stepping easily over the tiny caltrops, the Orc's exuberance leads him straight down the center of the tunnel, and straight into the waiting trap...

The Orc's heavy steps easily activate the trap, and as the creature runs down the tunnel a volley of arrows fly from each side of the tunnel. Though many of them impact upon the Orc's armor, the resulting damage seems minimal at best, and the Orc shrugs off
3 damage
the tiny pin-pricks of pain, continuing its charge towards Garak...

Raz Init:
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 11 (Total = 12)

"Hey little piggie, wanna wrastle?"
the drunken priest says as he moves towards the large orc, his form
free action, enlarge as per the spell -- Cleric ability, Gluttony Domain
increasing as he steps past Garak.

The huge -- now even larger - human reaches out and grabs the large orc by the collar and buries it in a massive bear huge.

The sound of the trap activating tells the assassin that his plan worked. Though he did not know yet how ineffective the trap had been to cause the massive damage he had hoped would result.

However, Garak knew that Raz and Tamrik would make quick work of the large orc. With that in mind, Garak continued to run past the pair of warriors and then finally spun after rounding the corner. He pressed his body against the wall on his right so he could attack the orc from surprise should it decide to muscle past Raz and Tamrik.

Charging down the hallway, the Orc runs straight into a wall - a wall of flesh named Raz. Unable to reach his quarry, the Orc instead dives right into Raz, and is immediately overpowered by the huge priest, who take the opportunity to
12 damage
smash the Orc with his spiked armor.
Behind him, Tamrik pauses for a second, also walled-off by Raz's massive frame...

Garak hears the sound of the impact of orc and man and knows that Raz had done his part in the battle. With that, Garak came back around the corner to watch the fight. "Turn around, Raz!" If the priest could give the assassin an opportunity, Garak could help to quickly end the orc's life.


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