Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

"... Alright. I'll keep it in my pack till we can get to a trusted seller. I would prefer for it to be kept in a vault forever and ever, actually, but... Well, is that suitable for you, Raz?" Lorem said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

"Just kill him - I don't want to anymore. He's broken now." Raz says, dismissing the offer of Garak to kill Zetroc. Earlier, he had wanted Zetroc's blood, but after he had been humiliated by Garak and the cloak, he lost the desire.

Turning to Lorem, the priest walks over and looks down on him.

"Understand, I will be watching you very, very closely. If I see any indication that the cloak is taking your mind, understand that I will do whatever it take it away, even if it means your death."
he says, stepping back and waiting for Garak to cut Zetroc's throat.

"I'm not even going to touch a sleeve of the thing. I'll keep it in a nice little package." Lorem then blinks when he hears Raz give up on Zetroc's head. "... Then, allow me." Leaving the robe securely packed into Tamrik's sack, Lorem draws his sword and started walking towards the mage. Each step made him remember a particular about Delphine. How he had hurt her in the cage, how he kept the key to her cage, how she was joyful once Raz had belly-pressed him, how she kept on saying that she hated him... He gritted his teeth. He could only imagine.

"... I really hope you suffer even more in the nine hells, raping, murderous bastard... But do not worry." Lorem raises his blade to mid-level, holding it horizontal in comparison to his waist. "I'll send this whole 'Council' of yours to keep you company soon enough." With those last words, Lorem swings his sword, aiming to decapitate the mage. Even if he didn't cut all through it, he would cut one of the arteries. He would die of blood-loss in a few seconds.

Once done, Lorem takes a piece of the mage's robe and wipes his sword from the blood. "... Now, let's wake Joachim up so that Garak has to speak about what he has guessed from our captives just once, then we will get a good night of rest, but let's do not forget to stand guard." He sheathes it back and then walks out of the room, his blood still boiling, but a bit more satisfied. "I'll take first watch."

"And I'll watch you." Raz adds, firmly determined to keep an eye on Lorem until he gets rid of the robe.

With a quick one-two, Garak and Lorem take care of their last remaining left-over business, each ending the life of a single prisoner. Garak is arguably not as neat and clean as Lorem, savoring his dagger-plunges into Korakk, but both accomplish their task, the room now occupied by 2 more corpses.

Taking the robe and cleaning his blade with it, Lorem stalks out, seeking Joachim so the group can pool their newly-gained information...

Garak takes a few moments to ensure that Korakk and Zetroc are dead. He also finishes the job of completely removing their heads. With whatever cloth is available in the room, he wraps each one and takes it back to the other room where the party had gathered the loot.

"When we leave, we need to take these heads with us. No sense in leaving a corpse behind that could be raised."

"Obviously, you know little about priest magic. There are powerful spells that can be used to regenerate the head and raise them still.

If your really worried about them coming back to life, we need to make a little bonfire..."
the priest says.

The priest then gets a glossy look in his eyes as he thinks of the reward due him from the girls of the Queen's Honey. He smiles as he thinks about them froliking naked by a huge fire.

Garak nodded. "I know nothing about your kind of magic. If burning them is what is needed, then let's light them up."

The glossy look in Raz's eyes made him feel slightly dirty for some unknown reason.

Gear, coin, and heads removed, the bodies are tossed with the others.

Satisfied all is well, the trio leaves the room, heading back to secure their quarters for the night...

With Raz's explanation of priest magic, Garak decides to take the heads and bodies of Korakk and Zetroc with him into the room where they'd stay for the night. He knew that the others likely didn't want to look at headless corpses all night, but he also didn't want Andrej to return and take the bodies away. They would be destroyed with fire in the morning. The assassin knew that he did not want to be haunted by this pair ever again, especially considering how much he had put both through.


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