Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

"Get yer own!" the priest replies, ignoring Garak, as he continues to grapple the orc, shifting the creature into a full bear hug and applying pressure. The priest knows that once he gets this orc in his clutches, it will not easily escape.

Garak shrugs at Raz's words and thinks for a moment about simply killing the priest while he was pre-occupied. The wicked daggers appeared in the assassin's hands without even a thought. Raz's life would easily be ended with the venom on his blade. A smile appeared on Garak's face as he imagined the crunch of neck bones and the sound of the huge priest gasping for his last moments of life.

But then Garak simply decided to advance forward to get his caltrops and contine his exploration. He was careful to avoid the trap trigger, not knowing if it could be activated multiple times.

Raz maintains his grip on the large Orc, and struggle as it may, it cannot escape the priest's clutches. Slamming the Orc roughly into the wall, Raz digs his armored shoulder
19 damage
into the monster, its wicked spikes tearing at the Orc's armor.
Behind him, Garak looks for a way to get past Raz and the grappling Orc, but their constant pushing and moving prevents him from getting past...

Garak's thoughts turn back to simply killing Raz. He was certain he could convince Tamrik to verify his story that the pair of orcs had killed the priest, or maybe this was the time to simply kill Raz and leave the party. The assassin cared not for the women who were imprisoned here, and was only helping the party because of the promise of treasure and power.

It was then that Garak remembered there was another tunnel and that is probably where Lorem and Joachim had gone. Perhaps they were having a similar struggle during which Joachim could be killed. Garak panicked for a moment when he realized that he might be missing out on the opportunity to kill his enemy.

With that, Garak jogged towards the other tunnel where he had killed the two guards...

The priest, seeing that he has things well in hand, allows his massive bulk to shrink a bit, but does not loosen his hold on the pinned orc, but draws power from the earth itself as he presses the creature even harder to his chest.

Feeling the encounter is well in hand, Raz lets go of his stored-up energies, and his massive frame slowly shrinks back to normal. However, the change in size also allows the Orc to escape your pin,
9 damage
cutting himself on your armor as he does so.
Unable to move, and faced with an opponent whose unorthodox style he couldn't handle, the Orc swivels his head around, turning to the tunnel behind him.

"Gtoh!" he shouts, using possibly his last breaths to call out for his comrades. "Pushdug chat'oor!"

Tamrik just sits and watches as the hallway is obviously clogged by the massive girth that is Raz. I don't think we're going to get into this fight unless Raz is either dead, or the orcs are all dead. Tamrik says holding his weapons to his side. It is obvious this is Raz's fight right now.

"Shaddap" Raz says, shifting his weight and again, clamping his mouth firmly over the orcs head and twists, trying to twist the creature's neck.

Fearing the creature might alert its brethren, Raz tightens his grip on the Orc's head,
11 damage
squeezing its neck until the Orc stops breathing. Dropping the heavy corpse to the ground, the priest flicks bits of Orc off of his armor, looking around as if expecting another challenge.
For better or for worse, nothing happens...

The priest releases the orc, allow it to fall with a 'splat' on the ground. With a smirk, he looks at Garak.

"You needed help to kill that guy? I thought you knew how to fight."

Pausing to wipe a bit of orc flesh off his armor spike, he says "He was calling for his buddies, so there will more more around. Keep yer eyes open."


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