Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

My eyes and ears are open, O mighty and powerful Raz! Tamrik smiles deeply as he addresses the very large man. He had watched as Garak had disappeared, knowing that Raz would find it odd, Tamrik only smiled.

Lead on, friend. The girls are waiting for us. Again, Tamrik just smiled, his melodic voice rolling nicely from his tongue.

Glancing about the tunnel, you see that it continues for a few dozen more feet, then curves sharply to the left, your shiny rock illuminating the change in direction.

"Let's go, lil guy." the priest says to Tamrick, leaving the orc corpse on the floor as they continue on.

Tamrik smiles at the reference to being little. The tallest mountain would be small to Raz. He follows the man, watching him move over the dead orc.

Stepping over the Orc's corpse, you advance down the hallway, managing only a few steps down the tunnel before a faint hissing sound hits your ears, followed immediately afterward by a volley of arrows from the sides of the cave-walls.
At the front, Raz barely manages to avoid the crossfire of arrows, but Tamrik is caught square in the trap's grip, wincing as several small arrowheads
3 damage
find their way through the gaps in his armor.

Moving carefully forward, you pause at the intersection...

"Rub a little dirt on that." Raz says to Tamrick, not offering to heal such a minor injury.

"For some reason, I feel like a rabbit stepping into a trap."
he says softly, but continues on,
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 5 (Total = 8)
peering around the corner.
assuming an 8 doesn't see anything
Confident that there was nothing there, he continues on.

Seeing nothing, Raz and Tamrik walk bravely around the corner, and into another long tunnel. This one also ends, but from its angle, you can tell it turns sharply to the right...

Pressing on, you reach another corner, pausing as you peer past the threshold...

Down the path, a pair of goblins in the center of the path, blocking your view of the rest of the tunnel. One of them holds a dagger in his left hand, twirling it agilely, while the other stands back, admiring his partner's knife skills.

A smile crosses Raz's face as he sees the two goblins standing in the hallway. He pulls Tamrick back and raises his eyebrows questioningly.

He then quickly casts a minor enchantment, then smiles as he brings his armed hands together quickly -- but producing no sound. With a smile, he holds up his fingers, counting... 3 fingers. 2 fingers.

Before he has his last finger down, he is silently racing down the hallway towards the two goblins, ready to rip them to shreds.

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