Spelunking - Tamrik, Raz, Garak (and Interrogation)

Tamrik watches as the large man runs down the hall. There is no chance for Tamrik to get into the fight being in such close quarters. He follows him down the hallway, at more of a leisurely pace, just wanting to be close, in case these two goblins are far more powerful then would be normally thought.

As he stands and watches Raz flail about like the drunken fool he was, Tamrik had his blades out, leaving the morningstar in its holster for now. He readied himself for anything to happen. He looked around past the battle to see if anything might be creeping up on them. I cannot wait to be in an open space, Raz is taking all the fun out of this endeavor. He thought to himself with grief.

Keen on greeting his new friends, Raz charges forward, flinging himself onto the nearest goblin. Easily overwhelming the small creature, Raz
14 damage
tightens his grip upon the Goblin, attempting to squeeze the life out of it.
The other Goblin eyes Tamrik warily, quickly pulling out a dagger to arm himself, unsure whether to run or fight...

Advancing towards the Goblins allows you to see a bit further down the path, which seems to split to the left and right.

"Here, take this one!" Raz says, releasing the first goblin as he steps forward and grabs the second, making sure that they can't get

With Raz practically handing him a goblin, Tamrik jumps forward with both blades extended. He smiles, and shouts, Thanks! I was getting bored looking at your ass! As both blades flash toward the goblin, it can see a small hint of pleasure in Tamrik's eyes.

Raz releases his hold on the Goblin, quickly moving on to the next one. Successfully grabbing the Goblin, Raz again
11 damage
begins to squeeze.
Tamrik advances upon the other Goblin, and they trade
5 damage to Tamrik
swings and stabs with their weapons, the Goblin
10 damage
obviously outmatched by Tamrik's dual blades.

Tamrik curses as he allows the blade of a lowly goblin pass through his defenses and presses hard, hoping to maim the beast before it actually dies. He wanted to make him feel true pain, true horror as he sliced pieces of him off. Rage built in Tamrik's mind, and he now knew how it must feel to get an adrenalin boost from causing pain felt like now. This must be the excitement Garak feels every time his blade passes into a body.

The huge priest shifts his body, squeezing the pitiful tightly against his dangerous spiked armor. He slips his left hand up as he does so, taking the time to cover the creature's mouth with his meaty palm so it is unable to scream.

Tamrik, doing what he does best,
7 damage
hacks and slashes at the Goblin, his blades flashing silver in the tunnel.

Raz, also in his element, attempts to force the other Goblin into a tighter lock, but the small wiry creature manages to wiggle his way out of it.
Still firmly held by the larger human, he groans as the priest's spiked armor
16 damage
grinds into his flesh...

With a smile, Raz simply squeezes harder, his hand moving viciously from left to right as he tries to snap the goblin's scrawny neck.

Tamrik sees fear in the goblins eyes as he continues his onslaught. Both blade flashing quickly before the goblin, his Dagger aimed high, while his lightblade aimed low.

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